Knesko Collagen Neck and Decollete Banner - Diamond
Knesko Collagen Neck and Decollete Banner - Diamond

Collagen Neck and Décolleté Masks

It’s a known fact that your face is delicate and often overexposed to sun, dirt, and other pollutants, but it’s also commonly forgotten that your face extends below the chin and jaw line. The skin of your neck and décolleté is as exposed and as prominent as your eyes. It’s a vulnerable area, exposed to the sun and covered in a relatively thin layer of skin that requires the same restorative and preventative skin care you would apply to your face. This is why KNESKO created our gemstone and mineral-infused neck and décolleté masks, specifically designed to refresh and revitalize this often-overlooked skin treatment area.

Neck and Décolleté Mask Set—2-in-1 Combo Treatment

The KNESKO neck and décolleté mask sets give you two treatments in one. The included neck mask and chest mask may be used together or separately as a luxurious and effective treatment for each area.
Our masks use groundbreaking GEMCLINICAL® technology and nature’s most potent skin care ingredients to rebalance your spirit, relax your mind, and rejuvenate your skin. Each neck firming and décolletage treatment provides holistic healing for beauty that shines from the inside out.

A Décolletage Treatment & Firming Neck Mask

The décolleté is one of the first places to show signs of aging. Without regular treatment, the skin becomes dry and may appear “crepey.” The area is often left uncovered and unprotected from sun exposure, which causes discoloration, rough texture, and eventually chest wrinkles.

KNESKO makes it easy to give your décolleté the love and care it needs with a collagen hydrogel mask designed specifically to fit the contours of the neck and décolleté. Every neck and décolleté mask combo infuse the skin with powerful marine collagen serum to help improve elasticity, minimize dark spots, reduce the appearance of fine lines, hydrate, brighten, and firm the entire neck and chest area.

The GEMCLINICAL® Difference

Skin care expert and Reiki Master Lejla Cas formulated KNESKO’s trade secret GEMCLINICAL® technology along with a team of doctors to harness the healing properties of gemstones and combine them with nature’s most effective skin care ingredients and powerful antioxidants.

Luxuriate in our nutrient-rich serum, so generously packed into each individually wrapped treatment as the hydrogel mask creates a one-way delivery system that penetrates the deepest layers of the skin. As you bathe your skin in the gemstone of your choice, try and visualize the firming of your neck and the smoothing of your chest. Tap into the healing power of nature.

Holistic Healing

All KNESKO masks are made to do more than improve your skin. We choose our gemstones for their incredible ability to stimulate and rejuvenate your body’s energy centers in different ways. When charged with Reiki – the Universal Energy that flows through all living things – the gemstones help balance the energy wherever the mask is applied and helps reinforce the mind – body connection. Your neck and chest are home to your Throat and Heart Chakras; meditate on that as you experience your masking ritual.

KNESKO Neck and Décolleté Treatments

How you feel on the inside and how you appear on the outside are intertwined. Every skin saving décolleté and neck treatment from KNESKO speaks to that truth, emphasizing the importance of giving loving attention to your skin, spirit, and mind.

Choose the gemstone collection that speaks to your desired result and make a KNESKO neck and décolleté mask combo treatment a part of your regular skincare routine. Shine as bright as your spirit.