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How Often Should You Do Face Masks?

How Often Should You Do Face Masks?

When it comes to skin care practices, face masks are a favorite among many. The luxurious ritual allows us to relax our mind as we rebalance our skin with the nutrients and ingredients that leave us looking and feeling healthy, energized, and vibrant. There is no question that regular facial mask application will help improve the appearance of your skin, but exactly how often should you use face masks? Is there such a thing as too much? Or can you use one every day?

The short answer is… it depends. KNESKO masks are made using our exclusive GEMCLINICAL™ technology that blends modern doctor-formulated ingredients with the healing power of gemstones and reiki energy. Each collection not only features distinctive benefits for your skin but also targets the body’s various chakras for a beauty treatment that works from the inside out. All masks are made with all-natural ingredients including marine collagen and hyaluronic acid that is gentle enough for everyday use. However, we recommend listening to your body for signals that it’s time to recharge.

We live in a world that is constantly changing, causing our skin needs to change as well. Weather, exposure to environmental hazards, even our hydration levels can affect how our skin looks on any given day. Some weeks require greater levels of self-care than others. This is why KNESKO has created a treasure chest of skin care solutions that allow you to mix and match face masks and select the reiki-charged collection that matches the current needs of your skin and your spirit.

This week your skin might be telling you it needs some detoxification; there is a Black Pearl Detox face mask for that. Next week, you may need some additional detox, but also want to feel brighter and more hydrated. Why not add a second Diamond Radiance mask to your routine this week? Or, perhaps you are just feeling a little low and need to open your heart chakra with the power of rose quartz? KNESKO face masks are great for that too.

The question really isn’t how often you can or should use collagen face masks by KNESKO; it’s which one should you use today? There is no wrong answer. Your body already knows.

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