Gemclinical® Technology

Our luxury skincare line is packed with nature's powerful ingredients to revitalize, brighten, and hydrate your skin while nourishing your mind and spirit. The result? True beauty that begins deep within your soul.

Our Proprietary Technology

Gemstones have always been associated with luxury, beauty, and power—in addition to physical and spiritual healing benefits. Here at KNESKO, we worked closely with a team of doctors to harness these incredible properties and create cutting-edge products that are as effective as they are opulent.

At its core, our groundbreaking GEMCLINICAL® technology is the infusion of gemstone particles into a proprietary, doctor-formulated serum. Every time you relax with a KNESKO collagen mask or incorporate another product into your skincare regimen, you’re bathing your skin in real, natural gemstones.

Additionally, GEMCLINICAL® technology acts as a one-way delivery system to maximize infusion of the doctor-formulated ingredients and enhance the treatment results.

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Holistic Healing

GEMCLINICAL® technology is about more than physical healing. Every gemstone we choose is carefully selected for its spiritual potency and ability to stimulate your body’s energy centers.

  • Gold collection aligns your sixth chakra, or third eye chakra, to balance your intuition

  • Diamond collection aligns your seventh chakra, or crown chakra, giving you access to enlightened wisdom

  • Rose Quartz collection aligns your fourth chakra, or heart chakra, making it easy to give and receive love

  • Black Pearl collection aligns your first chakra, or root chakra, to help keep you grounded

  • Amethyst collection aligns your seventh chakra, or crown chakra, restoring feelings of being supported and protected

We elevate this spiritual healing even further by charging every KNESKO product with Reiki Energy—the life energy that flows through all living things and works in conjunction with the gemstones in our masks. This combination helps you open your mind and soul to the love, purity, and power you have within, and center yourself in creativity and confidence.

Beauty Starts From Within

Indulge your senses and promote a state of total relaxation, enlightenment, and well-being.