Skin Consultations

Receive expert skincare advice from our leading estheticians during a complimentary one-on-one session.

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Our Skincare Consultations Include

Personalized attention

We begin each session learning about you. Understanding your individual needs and answering your questions will help us support you in developing a skincare routine that produces optimal benefits.

Product recommendations

Based on your skin type and concerns, we make recommendations for KNESKO products that will address your specific needs. We can advise on the benefits of key ingredients, design AM/PM routines, and suggest serums and masks to supercharge your regimen.

Professional tips

As trained estheticians with decades of experience at luxury spas and a celebrity clientele, we can share our insider tips from proper mask application to serum layering to skincare prep for events and weddings.

All skin consultations are free of charge.

There is no obligation to purchase products however our associates may assist in placing orders if desired.


Are KNESKO Products Formulated with Clean Ingredients?

All KNESKO skincare products are formulated with clean, safe and EWG- certified ingredients that are 100% free of Formaldehyde, Butylene Glycol, Benzyl Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Phthalates, Parabens, Sulfates, Silicones, Triclosan, Oxybenzone, Paraffins, Polyethylene (PEGs), Butylated Hydroxyanisole (BHAs).

Are KNESKO products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our masks and serums are gentle and soothing to the skin. They can be used on all skin types. The Green Jade Collection is the most calming for reactive skin.

What are your masks made of?

Our masks are made from collagen hydrogel infused with gemstones and packed with serum that is formulated with high performance, clean ingredients.

Are the masks biodegradable?

Our collagen hydrogel masks are created without a plastic mesh base or backing—making them fully biodegradable. Simply place your used mask in hot water, stir and watch it dissolve.

Do you ship globally?

KNESKO ships worldwide with a few exceptions. If we do not ship to your country, shipping options will not appear on the list. Contact us for more information.