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11 Reasons our Customers are Obsessed with KNESKO

There are so many reasons to love KNESKO. But don’t take our word for it—here are the top 11 reasons why our customers love KNESKO. And why you will, too!

1. To Start the Day with Great Skin

“I love using my KNESKO eye masks each morning as part of my daily beauty routine. After cleaning my face and applying serum I apply my eye masks for the first 20 minutes of my day. This daily ritual helps me see long lasting results! I also use the full KNESKO face, neck and décolletage masks every other month to brighten my skin.” – Lisa P.

2. It’s Time to Embrace Self-Love

“I love applying my mask once my little one falls asleep. My days feel chaotic at times and putting on a mask and listening to music or doing a guided meditation makes me feel like I’m taking care of myself. Even if for just those 30 minutes I feel better about myself and I am loving and appreciating myself. Self love is huge for me and that definitely entails me taking care of my skin and feeling beautiful inside and out.” – Angela C.

3. Experienced KNESKO at a Top Spa

“I know KNESKO from the Four Seasons Maui. I had the wonderful opportunity to have a training with Lejla (Cas, KNESKO founder and Celebrity Esthetician) as part of the spa therapist team. I fell in love with the quality, how they felt and how my body responded. The products are a must have for pre-photo ops! I love that the line is now vocally embracing energizing the masks even more than they already were! I enjoy taking a hot ritual custom created by me for what I want to release and or invite essential oil and salts bath, followed by a KNESKO mask meditation. Whether it’s only music or guided, it’s such a treat to receive the love!”

4. For The Prestige Spa-at-home Experience

“I love the gold mask! After receiving it during a facial, I knew I wanted that same experience at home. It allows not only my face to be rejuvenated but it makes my body and mind slow down and relax.” – Bobbi B.

5. For the Professional-Level Results


“I’ve used many expensive products on my skin and I work at a facial plastic surgery office. I know an amazing when I see a change in my skin. And I do with Knesko products. I play music and relax and have my own Knesko spa experience once a week!!!!💕” – Sally I.

6. When in Need of a Spiritual Reset

“Usually what I do is put on my spiritual music playlist, I sage my house , make some tumeric tea or whatever is my mood that day. Then I proceed to put on my wonderful Rose Quartz mask from Knesko which I love!!! While I’m masking I activate my third eye chakra and connect with my crystals.” – Lucy S.

7. How the Masks Feel on Skin

“I love how the masks make my skin feel! I am a skin connoisseur and love good products. I work on my skin on a daily basis and the masks are amazing!” –Emiliana D.

8. Because Celebrities Love KNESKO!

“I saw Kate Beckinsale mention KNESKO in an interview and I’m obsessed with it now!”
– Kelsey F.

9. Mommy “me-time”

“Being a mom of two little boys, I find spa-like bath time crucially important for self-care and rejuvenation. Getting away from them to take care of myself by using a KNESKO mask is revitalizing and makes me feel amazing! It’s a lovely treat that makes me a better mom!” – Sasha A.

10. She Can Share The Love

“I looooved my KNESKO experience during a spa day previously. I bought myself some masks and also recently bought extra to help my husband also tune into taking better care of his skin and carving out relaxation time. We now have a ritual of Tuesday night facial mask night to help relax, rejuvenate, and take care of ourselves during the pandemic. Love the products and experience!” – Kelli W.

11. Connecting with Reiki Energy

“I love that Knesko’s products are all charged with Reiki energy. My Knesko time is a complete healing experience for my skin and my spirit. When I use my Knesko masks, I like to lay back, light candles, and meditate. After masking, I always feel completely renewed and refreshed.” – Angela H.


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