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How Often Should you Use a Collagen Face Mask?

How Often Should you Use a Collagen Face Mask?

When it comes to masking, most of us would probably be happy indulging in a daily session—but is it too much? And if not, what is optimum?

If the mask you’re referring to is a collagen mask, then feel free to apply it as often as you’d like. Collagen masks can be used daily and are recommended at least 2 to 3 times per week to enhance and maintain results. 

Collagen is a super potent and beneficial nutrient that your body already creates naturally– but eventually slows down production as we age. Therefore, bathing our skin in a hydrating formula of collagen and other natural ingredients can help supercharge you with the nutrients your body needs.  

However, you should also consider the additional ingredients that are included in your collagen mask. Some may be designed to detoxify pores, giving them powerful deep clean, while others can soothe and calm your complexion. 

When stocking up for a daily masking routine, you may want to fill your beauty box with a collection of luxurious masks that serve different purposes. A varied collection will allow you to switch up your mask based on your skin’s current needs. 

Feeling dry? Try an extra hydrating mask. Having a breakout from a long night in makeup? Go the detox route. Recovering from redness and irritation? Soothe it with a calming collagen mix. 

As long as your collagen face treatment mask is focused on replenishing as much as it cleansing and correcting, your skin will thank you for the extra time and attention.

How often can I use other masks? 

If you’re treating your skin with a variety of masks, you should be cautious about how often you apply them according to their ingredients. Unlike hydrating collagen masks that leave the skin healthier and more supple after each use, certain types of masks can be a bit more aggressive in their approach. They may even cause damage, irritation, or dryness if used too often. 

Peel masks, for example, are great at cleaning out our deepest pores and removing dead skin, but they also take a small layer of skin with it after each use. Too much tearing and tugging at the skin could leave your face feeling raw or irritated after use. Many sheet masks can also create undesired effects on the skin when used too often. As they dry on your face, they can pull vitamins and moisture from your skin, and many are made with chemicals that are harsh on the skin (so read your ingredient label first). 

Listen to your skin

There isn’t a magic number as to how often you should mask. However, if you pay attention to the slight changes in your skin, your body will let you know when you’ve done too much, not enough, or just the right amount. The body’s intuition is a powerful tool for developing a skin care routine that is specialized just for us.  

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