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Why Is Amethyst Used in Skincare?

Why Is Amethyst Used in Skincare?

Amethyst is a semiprecious stone of the quartz family. Loved by many for its stunning purple hues, amethyst is a popular gemstone to use in jewelry. But the uses of it are just as multifaceted as the gemstone itself! 

In addition to its healing uses in its whole crystal form, amethyst can also enhance your beauty. In fact, it has unique healing properties that enable it to soothe your spirit while beautifying your skin. Here’s a look at some of the many reasons why amethyst is making an appearance in beauty routines and skincare products.

Amethyst calms down inflammatory skin conditions

Inflammation is your body’s natural way of responding to stress. However, when it persists, it isn’t healthy for your skin. This negative energy manifests in puffiness, discoloration, itchiness, and other issues. Fortunately, amethyst's calming and soothing properties provide a natural way to address it. By using an amethyst-infused face mask or an amethyst gemstone facial roller, you can gently introduce the healing properties of this unique crystal.

Amethyst supports your body’s microcirculation

It’s likely that you’re already familiar with the vital role of your arteries and veins in circulating blood throughout your body. But what about the capillaries? These tiny blood vessels, which are found near the surface of the skin and can sometimes be visible, are vital for nourishing skin cells. They are responsible for microcirculation—bringing oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to your skin cells. 

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Amethyst supports microcirculation, helping your skin cells to receive the blood flow they need for good health. This helps to detoxify and rejuvenate skin while improving its overall health. And when your skin is healthy, it glows. 

Amethyst facilitates the regeneration of your skin cells

As the largest organ in your body, your skin has a big job—it safeguards you from germs that cause infections. Yet, like life itself, it is constantly in flux. Skin cells have a rapid cellular turnover rate. They regenerate themselves approximately once every 27 days. As a result, your skin is constantly shedding old skin cells and creating new ones to sustain the health and vitality of this organ. 

The use of an amethyst face roller is an effective and easy way to support cellular regeneration. Using these semiprecious gems, you can encourage the creation of new skin cells and the shedding of old ones. This helps ward off the premature signs of aging and enhances your overall glow.

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You can easily incorporate amethyst into your skincare routine

It only takes a few minutes to experience amethyst's calming, healing properties. KNESKO is pleased to introduce our Amethyst Hydrate Mask Collection, complete with everything you need to nurture your inner and outer beauty. 

Try amethyst face masks, lip masks, collagen eye masks, and amethyst face serum to soothe inflammation and stimulate collagen production. We also recommend our amethyst face roller to banish facial puffiness and support healthy microcirculation. 

Supporting both skin and spirit, with these beauty tools, you’ll feel radiant—from the inside out. Because KNESKO commits to planting one tree for every product we sell while restoring your beauty and vitality, you’ll also support our planet. 


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