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How Does Sodium Hyaluronate Benefit Your Skin?

How Does Sodium Hyaluronate Benefit Your Skin?

Before we talk about the immense benefits offered by sodium hyaluronate, let’s talk about another ingredient you might be more familiar with: hyaluronic acid. It occurs naturally in the body and is present in your skin and the fluid that lubricates your joints. Because of this, it is often added to skincare products because of its incredibly hydrating and regenerating properties. 

Sodium hyaluronate is a compound extracted from hyaluronic acid. This particular compound has a lower molecular weight than hyaluronic acid. What does this mean for your skin? The lower molecular weight allows sodium hyaluronate to penetrate straight through the epidermis, where it can work its magic from the inside out.

Sodium hyaluronate is an excellent moisturizer

Thanks to the hydrophilic properties of sodium hyaluronate, it blends well with water. When used as an ingredient in skincare products, it helps pull moisture into the skin cells. And because sodium hyaluronate has a lower molecular weight than hyaluronic acid, it can help the skin stay more moisturized. The result is beautifully nourished skin, free of uncomfortable itchy dryness and flaking.

It can reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles

No matter how well you care for your skin and how cautious you are about excessive sun exposure, you will gradually develop fine lines and wrinkles over time. Although you can’t halt the aging process, you can diminish the signs of aging. One effective way to do this is by using skincare products with sodium hyaluronate. 

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Fine lines and wrinkles become more noticeable when the skin is particularly dry. And since sodium hyaluronate is a humectant that hydrates the skin, it can reduce their appearance. In addition, clinical research has shown that moisturizers containing sodium hyaluronate can improve the skin’s elasticity and reduce the depth of wrinkles.

It soothes away inflammation and protects skin

Skin inflammation is a common problem. If you have skin that is red, feels thicker in some areas, or is itchy, raw, or cracked, then you likely have some inflammation. This is uncomfortable and can also be embarrassing, especially on the face. Fortunately, using the right skincare products can help you soothe inflammation and improve your skin’s appearance. 

One of the best ways to soothe inflammation is to look for a hydrating face mask that contains sodium hyaluronate. In addition to helping it make its way deep within your skin, its low molecular weight also triggers the production of beta-defensin 2 (DEFβ2). This particular compound regulates the inflammatory cells and encourages skin healing. Produced naturally by the body, this increase in beta-defensin 2 turns the skin’s epithelium into a highly protective layer, ready to ward off dangerous microorganisms.

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