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4 Self Care Rituals you can add to your Beauty Routine Today

4 Self Care Rituals you can add to your Beauty Routine Today

Self-care doesn’t have to be reserved for a lazy Sunday afternoon—nor should it. If you really want to show up every day and put your best self out there, you need to care for You daily.  Self-care routines help keep us motivated and productive while looking and feeling like the best version of ourselves. Yet, those rituals are often the first thing to take the back burner when life gets busy. With a few small changes to your daily beauty routine, you can merge your daily self-care routine with your beauty routine and make sure you’re putting a little self-love into every day.

Here are some easy, simple adjustments you can make today to give yourself the love you deserve:

#1 – Face Massages

There are 43 muscles in the face, yet how often do you actively try to loosen and relax them? Instead of quickly slabbing on your facial moisturizer, take a few moments to massage it in. Not only do facial massages boost blood circulation and encourage lymphatic drainage, but it also helps your product seep deeper into your pores. For an even more decadent experience, incorporate the healing powers of Jade and other stones with a Gemstone face roller.

#2 – Face Masks

Face masks are an amazingly easy way to show your skin some love—and with regular use, they can dramatically transform your complexion. A face mask can help to keep skin tighter, brighter, and more supple. It will also give you a fresh, clean base to apply your makeup. Keep a collection of brightening face masks, eye masks, and neck masks in your beauty drawer so you can mix and match based on your skin needs each day.

#3 – Conscious Brushing

Brushing our teeth takes up two minutes of our beauty routine—if you’re doing it right. Instead of using those two minutes to just focus on brushing our teeth, most of us rush around our bathroom, mouth foaming, trying to multitask our routine. This habit can cause us to miss parts of our mouth and to brush quicker and harder, all of which are counterproductive to the task. It can also make us feel stressed and rushed. Tuning into our habits (like brushing our teeth) can not only help us do a better job at it, but it can also help us practice being more present, mindful, and in-tune with the simple activities in our day.

#4 – Compliments

We can be quick to put ourselves down, but how often do we try to pull ourselves up? Make it a daily habit to find one, small beautiful part of yourself, and focus on that attribute. Admire the intricate coloring of your eyes, the bounce of your curls, the freckle on your cheek. Find the parts that are uniquely you, and send them love.

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