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5 Common Complexion Problems & How to Fix Them

5 Common Complexion Problems & How to Fix Them

Mastering your skincare ritual requires persistent effort. In addition to dedicating time to cleansing, moisturizing, and remembering sunscreen, you can customize your skincare routine to address skin-related problems. Elevating your routine with powerful ingredients can remedy your complexion concerns—all it takes is a little bit of know-how. Let’s dive into ingredients that rejuvenate, revive, and rehydrate skin to target common complexion problems. .

#1 – Oily Skin

If your complexion constantly feels like you just left the gym or have been out in the hot sun, you’re probably dealing with oily skin. For some people, enlarged pores around the T-zone can lead to excess oil production and acne.

To remedy this, wash your face regularly, but avoid over-cleansing and drying out your skin. In addition, salicylic and hyaluronic acid can help combat acne and remove excess oil—without stripping away your skin’s delicate lipid barrier.

#2 – Dark Spots

Sun damage is a major cause of dark spots, but acne can also play a role in pigmentation. When the former is the cause, they’re typically called sunspots, and when acne is the culprit, they may be called post-acne marks. While you can’t completely eliminate dark spots, you can take steps to lessen their appearance. Try using a skin serum packed with brightening ingredients to refresh your complexion.

#3 – Dull Skin

The most common cause of dull skin is a buildup of dead skin cells. This can happen when you neglect exfoliants, so the solution is simple—exfoliate! 

Reach for alpha hydroxy acids (i.e., glycolic acid or lactic acid), poly hydroxy acids (i.e., gluconolactone or lactobionic acid), or beta hydroxy acids (i.e., salicylic acid) to slough away dead skin cells and revive your complexion. Along with chemical exfoliants, you can use gentle physical ones like face scrubs to brighten your complexion.

#4 – Skin Rashes

Skin rashes can be a sign of eczema, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis. And if you’re noticing redness across your cheeks, nose, or neck, rosacea might be to blame. If you’re dealing with redness or inflammation, consider your current skincare ritual. Is your skin dry? Are you using too much retinol? Once you’ve found the root cause, you can heal your skin with hydrating moisturizers, serums, and hydrogel facial masks.

#5 – Forehead Wrinkles

Right next to under-eye bags, forehead wrinkles are another common problem. While they’re a normal part of the aging process, you don’t have to embrace your wrinkles if you don’t want to.

To minimize the appearance of wrinkles, try incorporating anti-aging ingredients into your skincare ritual. For example, collagen face masks can help improve skin elasticity and minimize the signs of aging so you can achieve beautiful, dewy skin.

Heal Your Skin from Within

At KNESKO, our natural skincare products are developed by a team of specialists and formulated with the latest advances in skincare technology. From potent antioxidants to resurfacing complexes, our powerful elixirs are carefully crafted to target specific complexion concerns. Use our skincare products as often as needed for a holistic self-care experience.

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