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December Perfect Pair

December Perfect Pair

At KNESKO, try one of our most popular pairs this December. Rose Quartz Antioxidant Mask and Amethyst Hydrate Serum, which are particularly appropriate for winter when skin becomes dry and flaky. Using the face mask paired with the serum is the perfect combination to soothe and protect your skin by giving it two powerful and luxurious treatments. 

Overview of This Perfect Pair

KNESKO's Rose Quartz Antioxidant Mask is a New Beauty Award Winner for "Best Soothing Sheet Mask." It is scientifically-formulated to soothe dry skin with hydrating and anti-aging ingredients such as White Tea, Vitamin C, Grapeseed Extract, and Licorice Root. Our marine collagen masks protect against the effects of environmental and lifestyle stressors while offering a luxurious experience.

Our Amethyst Hydrate Serum is unlike other serum products. It contains four different weights of hyaluronic acid (HA), effectively delivering moisture to various levels of the dermis. In addition, special Ceramide NP is skin-identical to the ceramides we naturally produce to create a waterproof seal, ensuring all that skin remains hydrated for up to 24 hours.

Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collagen Face Mask

Collagen Face Masks

Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collagen Face Mask

Calm • Protect • Soothe
Regular price $37.00 - $125.00
Regular price Sale price $37.00

Amethyst Hydrate Serum


Amethyst Hydrate Serum

Hydrate • Nourish • Restore
Regular price $70.00 - $185.00
Regular price Sale price $70.00

Why Are These Products Your Perfect Skincare Pairing?

During the winter, as you move from the colder, harsh climate outdoors to the dry, heated air indoors, your skin can become parched, tight and uncomfortable. As the temperature changes, your skin can suffer from the combination of challenging climates, harsh UV rays and a wide range of airborne pollutants, both of which can accelerate free radical damage. 

In short, your skin needs a winter rescue plan. Our Rose Quartz Antioxidant Mask provides gentle yet efficacious ingredients formulated to soothe and protect the skin. After protecting the skin, apply Amethyst Hydrate Serum, which quenches dry skin with ceramides to prevent transepidermal water loss for a radiant complexion, enabling your skin to resist the damaging effects of winter weather. 

Tips for Best Results 

Before applying the Rose Quartz Antioxidant mask, gently and thoroughly cleanse the skin. Then, apply the top half of the mask, pressing it into the facial contours, before overlapping the bottom half. Allow 20 to 40 minutes for the mask's potent serum to penetrate your skin. 

After removing the mask, apply one to three drops of Amethyst Hydrate Serum, spreading gently over the skin with the fingertips. Although potent, this serum is gentle enough for daily morning and evening usage. Allow the serum to absorb for a few minutes then follow with a moisturizer.

Treat Yourself to Perfect Skincare Pairs This Holiday Season

When doing your holiday shopping this year, don't forget to get your skin something extra special. Treat it well with KNESKO's intentionally-formulated Rose Quartz Antioxidant Mask and Amethyst Hydrate Serum.

When you pamper your skin with products from KNESKO, you can feel good knowing that we formulate our hydrating serum and other products with clean, clinical, evidence-based ingredients.

KNESKO is proud to support One Tree Planted by planting a tree for each product sold to help protect our planet. Order today and get free shipping on all orders of $70+ (domestic shipping).  

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