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How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally

A glowing complexion doesn’t require a cabinet full of lotions and potions or a complicated, multi-step routine. It’s about finding the right products and the right system that works for your skin. So, what products do you need for glowing skin?


The first step to getting a glowing complexion is to rid your skin of the makeup, dirt, and environmental stressors that you are exposed to each day. Consider using a gentle, oil-based cleanser not only to remove impurities but also balance your natural oil production. Traditional foaming cleansers tend to be harsh, over-drying, and can even cause our skin to over-produce oil. When your skin is properly balanced, it is primed for a full glowing effect. Ingredients matter, so whatever type of cleanser you do choose, always opt for natural ingredients.


Regular exfoliation is critical to the removal of dead, dry skin. By sloughing the outer layer of skin cells, you create a smooth, clear surface that reflects light, making it appear brighter and healthier. Exfoliants may be in the form of a physical scrub or chemical type that uses glycolic or lactic acids to smooth and polish your skin. Naturally derived exfoliating scrubs are widely available and easy to apply once or twice a week. Talk to your dermatologist about your chemical options.


Whether you have oily skin or dry skin, never skip your moisturizer! Use creams or oils that are rich in natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, and collagen that provide lasting hydration. If you are prone to extra dry skin and dullness, consider using an oil-based serum and carrying a hydrating tonic for renewed moisture you can spritz as needed.


No glowing-skin recipe is complete without the added help of a nourishing face mask. Face masks supplement a healthy skincare routine and replenish collagen levels, brighten, balance, calm, and detoxify skin affected by signs of aging, pollution, sun damage, harsh ingredients, stress, and other factors. It’s essential to choose a quality face mask for glowing skin, preferably created by doctors and skin care specialists who adhere to the highest standards. For the ultimate glow, choose hydrogel face masks over ubiquitous sheet masks and look for masks made with a marine collagen-based serum to boost your own natural collagen production.


One of the best ways to keep your skin glowing is by protecting it from the things that can damage it. Applying a broad-spectrum SPF rated for UVA and UVB can protect your skin from burning and prevent early signs of aging or skin cancer. You should also quit or eliminate your exposure to cigarette smoke, use humidifiers on dry winter days, and practice regular meditation to help manage stress.


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