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Introducing KNESKO’s Gold Repair Body Collection

Introducing KNESKO’s Gold Repair Body Collection

After years of development, KNESKO is thrilled to unveil its awaited, luxury-meets-science Gold Repair Body Collection. As an extension of our global best-selling Gold Repair line, the age-defying lineup includes four key products: a silky Body Serum and velvety Body Cream that visibly hydrate, smooth, and soften, as well as a Hand Mask and Foot Mask featuring the brand’s premium collagen hydrogel and genuine gold.

Transformative Body Skincare

When it comes to skincare, we often focus our attention on our faces, but the rest of our body is also deserving of self-care and high-quality, efficacious products. Rather than reaching for just any lotion, it makes more sense to treat our skin from head to toe with thoughtful intention and attention to detail.

“I'm sure you have all heard of niacinamide, gold, peptides, lactic acid, urea, and all these other amazing ingredients usually reserved for facial care. I didn't think that was fair, so I wanted to bring it to you in a body experience,” says founder and celebrity esthetician Lejla Cas. She adds, “What really excites me about the innovation behind our Gold Repair Body Collection is that this was not done overnight. This has taken me, honestly, two to three years to formulate.”


Lejla, along with a team of board-certified dermatologists, created this newest collection using effective levels of high-quality actives and the latest in skincare science. The result is decadent textures that leave you with ultra-hydrated, cashmere-soft skin, cutting-edge delivery of powerful ingredients, and a luxurious, results-driven experience.

KNESKO’s Body Collection

All four body care products layer beautifully together, or you can use them individually to customize your body care experience. All age-defying formulas are powered by high-performance actives that deliver visible results immediately and continue to improve the skin’s appearance over time.

Gold Repair Body Serum: This silky serum glides onto skin for a luminous, visibly toned and tightened appearance from the neck down. Formulated with transformative ingredients such as peptides, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide, this reparative treatment delivers touchably-soft, sculpted skin.

Gold Repair Body Cream: Our intensely rich Gold Repair Body Cream invites you to rejuvenate and transform your skin from the neck down. Along with intensely moisturizing shea butter, it features our marine collagen to visibly boost skin elasticity, niacinamide for a bright appearance, and a revolutionary gold-wrapped peptide complex that supports collagen production.

Gold Repair Hand Mask: Our luxurious, premium collagen hand mask revitalizes tired and mature hands by addressing common signs of aging, including thin and crepey skin, dryness, dullness, and rough texture. It’s the perfect addition to your manicure.

Gold Repair Foot Mask: Rough and dry feet? Apply this premium collagen foot mask to instantly soften, repair, and rejuvenate the look of this often-overlooked area so you can feel confident with your toes out.

High-Vibrational Body Care

Like all other KNESKO treatments, our body collection products are lovingly infused with healing reiki energy by Lejla herself. Gold aligns your Third Eye (sixth chakra) to balance intuition, which helps you tune in more clearly with your inner voice and builds confidence.


As you enjoy your body care experience, take deep, cleansing breaths and repeat the mantra “I Honor My Intuition” three times. Set an intention to connect with your intuitive wisdom, knowing that it will always guide you in the right direction.

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