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K-Beauty: A Passing Trend or Here to Stay?

K-Beauty: A Passing Trend or Here to Stay?

South Korea has always prized a youthful look: one characterized by smooth, hydrated skin that is unblemished by sun-damage, dark pigment and wrinkles. In an effort to attain this specific beauty ideal, the Korean woman takes her skincare very seriously – often incorporating dozens of steps in a twice-daily regimen. Ampoules, BB creams and essences were among the first products that sparked our collective obsession with Korean skin care and their ultimate measure of beauty – pale, flawless skin.

K-Beauty products contain some unusual ingredients that are thought to nourish, balance and refine. From starfish eye creams and moisturizers made with royal salmon eggs to serums infused with snail slime, Korean beauty products have satisfied a growing demand among skin care aficionados looking for the newest secret for glowing, dewy skin.

Experts on are the fence whether K-beauty products are just a passing trend or here to stay. Can an inexpensive jar of night cream really transform your complexion? There’s no doubt that Korean skincare has rocketed to fame in the U.S., with dozens of companies hoping to market these runaway beauty secrets.

K-beauty trends

K-beauty experts list these among the top trends to watch out for this year:

#1 PHA-infused Products

Exfoliation is vital to achieving smooth, radiant skin. Korea’s latest round of serums, peeling gels and moisturizers are infused with PHA, a gentler version of Alpha Hydroxy Acid that doesn’t cause redness and extreme photosensitivity. PHA absorbs more slowly and fights free radicals that can cause sun spots and wrinkles.

#2 Balancing Mists

Licorice root extracts and bamboo water are the main players in these toning mists, which go on right after cleansing and are thought to balance skin pH.

#3 Skin Barrier Creams

Fortified skin barrier creams are thought to boost the skin’s natural oils, helping to ward off signs of environmental damage like sun spots, fine lines and large pores.

#4 Ginger-based Serums

Ginger is packed with antioxidants and renowned for its ability to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and brighten skin. Serums infused with Vitamin C and ginger extract helps repair damaged skin while providing a luminous glow.

#5 Sun protection creams and sticks

Koreans are passionate about sun protection. This year’s batch of sun creams and portable sun sticks are formulated to shield sensitive skin from harmful UV rays.

Luxury skincare by KNESKO

Whether you swear by K-Beauty or still searching for the perfect skin care product, the global interest in self-care is growing.  At KNESKO, we offer an alternative to trends; we offer skincare that goes a little deeper. We believe that true beauty exudes from the inside out, and KNESKO Skincare is designed to nurture your whole self with clean, natural ingredients that heal the mind, body, and soul.

Whether you’re looking to repair, detoxify, rejuvenate or protect, KNESKO can help you achieve your skin goals. We have taken luxury skincare to the next level with our signature GEMCLINICAL® technology, a blend of doctor-formulated skincare ingredients infused with the chakra-opening and skin-healing magic of precious gemstones and minerals. Each of our collagen face mask collections offers a unique set of healing properties that are as timeless as they effective.

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