Knesko Nanogold Repair Collection - Face, Eye, Neck & Decollete
Knesko Nanogold Repair Collection - Face, Eye, Neck & Decollete

Gold Collagen Masks

Nano Gold Collagen Mask Repair Collection

Retain moisture and create the look of refined, firm skin with KNESKO’s Nano Gold Repair Collection collagen masks. Using cutting-edge GEMCLINICAL® technology from naturally-derived ingredients, these premium skincare treatments pamper your skin, leaving you with a more radiant and supple appearance. Embraced by celebrities and top skincare specialists worldwide, our masks are specifically designed to treat the eyes, face, neck, lips and décolletage areas. Infused with gold nanoparticles and polypeptides, our doctor-formulated, cruelty-free mask treatments work to improve the look of skin at any age. They are perfect for weekly at-home skincare maintenance, or a luxe treat before a special event!

Go for the gold with our full facial mask, ideal for firming, lifting, and hydrating skin while purging negative energy blocks at the same time. Experience the transformative effects of polypeptide nanotechnology as the skin healing properties of colloidal gold and marine collagen combine to deliver age-defying benefits including the appearance of minimized redness, reduced inflammation, and improved elasticity.

Target crow’s feet and puffiness with our gold eye mask treatment. Apply pads to the sensitive area around your eyes for an instant wake-up. As the nanotechnology works its hydrating, restorative magic, acknowledge the healing effects within your soul as the gold mineral activates your center of intuition and self-confidence.

Your neck and décolleté region is one of the most vulnerable places on your body, and frequently overlooked when applying your at-home skin care routine. Revitalize that delicate skin with our exclusive Nano Gold Repair Neck and Décolleté Masks Combo, formulated with Nano Gold particles and polypeptides. Developed by a team of doctors, our trade-secret formula promotes rapid absorption to deliver instant, age-defying benefits that help firm, smooth, and hydrate the skin of the neck and chest.

Gold is known for allowing greater flow of happiness and inner beauty. As it sinks deep within your skin, the mineral stimulates your body’s natural healing response and awakens your Third Eye chakra to clear negativity from every other energy field within your body. Restore your skin, spirit, and mind with our Nano Gold Collagen Mask Repair Collection, and get an indulgent, spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home