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Our ultra-luxe, handcrafted Green Jade Gemstone Rollers are unrivaled for their ability to Tone and Define. When the real Jade roller meets your skin, it’ll impart a cooling, calming feeling. Known for healing and revitalizing properties, the Jade face roller will activate lymphatic drainage and stimulate collagen production. The result? Your skin will immediately feel smoother, tighter, and more youthful. Get ready for your skin to turn people green with envy. 


Tones & Firms | Reduces Puffiness | Improves Elasticity | Stimulates Collagen Production | Promotes Cell Turnover | Balances Chi 


For ultimate luxury, responsibly-sourced Green Jade is paired with lovely rose gold. Featuring both a larger and smaller stone, the dual-ended design allows you to customize your rolling experience to each treatment area. This roller works best when paired with our Nano Gold Mask Collection to enhance the masking benefits and help you reconnect with your intuitive spirit.



As a core of KNESKO’s philosophy, we take a holistic approach to beauty. Our products are infused with gemstones and minerals and charged with Reiki Energy by our founder and Reiki Master, Lejla Cas.  The gemstones have been consciously selected to help balance a different chakra, or energy center, and each chakra is associated with a different mantra, or positive intention. 


Improved wellness is not just for your skin—but also for your soul! Our chakras become blocked when negative thoughts or stress invade our lives. This has a detrimental effect on our spirit, and also accelerates signs of aging on our skin. By rebalancing your chakras, you eliminate stress and open yourself to self-love, gratitude, and healing. 

As a practice anyone and everyone can do, repeating a mantra centers your mind on optimistic thoughts and draws your focus to positive intentions, bringing only good energy into your life.


Green Jade is aligned with your Third Eye Chakra or Sixth Chakra, located on the forehead between your eyebrows.  Balancing your Third Eye Chakra allows you to move forward confidently, while trusting your inner voice. As you enjoy using your gemstone roller, take deep, cleansing breaths, and repeat the mantra “I Honor My Intuition” three times. Set an intention for yourself to connect with your intuitive wisdom, knowing that it will always guide you in the right direction. 


Every Green Jade Gemstone Roller is made with premium, responsibly-sourced green jade and paired with a luxurious rose gold-dipped handle to provide you with an unrivaled spa-grade tool.  Our rollers accelerate infusion of effective minerals, gemstones, and active ingredients into your skin.

  • Give yourself permission to take the time for self-care, and open your mind to a transformative experience.
  • Prepare a relaxing environment where you can feel like you are experiencing a spa treatment at home.
  • Cleanse your skin to remove any traces of dirt, makeup, or lotion.
  • Use your Green Jade Gemstone Roller to further infuse mask serum into your skin. Sweep the larger roller from the hairline towards the ear, down to the temple. Use the small roller to sweep from the inner corner of the eye to the ear. The larger roller can sweep from the nose out to the ear, then across the upper lip, lower lip, and chin. Finally, start from the collarbone and sweep the large roller up your neck towards your ear, then across your décolleté towards your underarm.
  • Cleanse your roller with warm, soapy water after each use.  Allow it to fully dry before returning it to its silicone pouch
  • To maximize the gemstone’s healing benefits, we recommend recharging your roller during a full moon, placing it next to master crystals like amethyst or quartz, or saging it once a month.
  • We recommend using your Green Jade Gemstone Roller with our Nano Gold Repair Mask Collection to further your connection with your Third Eye Chakra and promote a rebalance, inside and out.

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