I am Connected

White Jade Gemstone Roller

Refresh • Contour • Massage

Our elegant White Jade Gemstone Roller gives your skin the white glove treatment you’ve been looking for! Simply rolling the crystal over your skin promotes lymphatic drainage to Refresh your skin. It also helps to increase product absorption, minimize fine lines and wrinkles, and Contour your skin beautifully.

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Product Details

Handcrafted with the highest-grade White Jade and lovingly dipped in rose gold, our dual-ended roller allows you to customize your self-treatment to suit your skin’s needs. This roller works best when paired with our Diamond Radiance Mask Collection to enhance serum absorption and feelings of universal connection.


Tones & Firms | Reduces Puffiness | Improves Elasticity | Stimulates Collagen Production | Promotes Cell Turnover | Balances Chi


Each White Jade Facial Roller is made with premium, responsibly-sourced White Jade gemstones and finished with a luxurious rose gold-dipped handle to provide you with an unrivaled spa-grade tool. Our rollers accelerate the infusion of effective minerals, gemstones, and active ingredients into your skin.

Holistic Benefits

White Jade is connected to your Crown Chakra or Seventh Chakra, located at the top of your head. Balancing your Crown Chakra allows you access to enlightened wisdom and utmost clarity. As you enjoy your gemstone roller, take deep, cleansing breaths, and repeat the mantra “I am Connected” three times. Set the intention for yourself to restore feelings of oneness with the universe. 

How To Use

Use your White Jade Gemstone Roller to further infuse mask serum into your skin. Sweep the larger roller from the hairline towards the ear, down to the temple. Use the small roller to sweep from the inner corner of the eye to the ear. The larger roller can sweep from the nose out to the ear, then across the upper lip, lower lip, and chin. 

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