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5 Reasons You Should Be Using A Face Mask

5 Reasons You Should Be Using A Face Mask

Face masks have long been a staple in a diligent skin care routine and for good reason. They are packed with nourishing ingredients that can visibly reduce signs of aging, skin damage, inflammation, redness, dryness, and other skin problems. The treatment itself is also an opportunity for a little self-indulgence; a time to take a break, clear our minds, and check in with our spirit as we take care of our skin.

So, as if you needed any more excuses to indulge in a luxurious, spa-like experience, here are 5 reasons you should be incorporating face masks into your weekly skin care ritual:

Boost your skin’s collagen levels

Collagen is the super protein responsible for the strength, elasticity, and structure of your skin. As we age, though, our body stops producing as much of it as it did in our youth. Using a collagen face mask helps to penetrate your skin with a super-dose of collagen and other important vitamins, minerals, and proteins that will improve your skin’s overall appearance and restore some of its glow.

Detoxify clogged pores

Washing your face regularly can help keep the surface of your skin clean, but many facial cleansers cannot penetrate deeply enough into your pores to clean out built-up dirt and oil that can collect from our day-to-day lives. A good detoxifying face mask works well below the surface of your skin to give you a deeper clean that will help prevent breakouts, dullness, and roughness of the skin. Look for masks that have activated bamboo charcoal. Like a magnet, charcoal attracts toxins to it and draws them out with each application.

Hydrate thirsty skin

There are so many things that can lead to dry, dull skin. Too much time spent in the sun, strong winter winds, dry climates, air pollution, and harsh chemical-based cleaners are all culprits of the red, itchy, flaky skin problems. Adding a face mask into your skin care routine will give your face a dose of much needed hydration that go far beyond an application of your daily moisturizer.

Deep penetration of beneficial ingredients

Face masks are not only packed with potent ingredients, but they also improve your skin’s absorption rate, by allowing those ingredients to sink deep into the skin for more effective and long-lasting results. A good face mask, such as a hydrogel mask, will also help to “lock in” ingredients, preventing them from evaporating before your skin can soak them up.

Reserve some “me” time

Not only are face masks great for your skin, but they can be good for the spirit, too. The ritual of applying a nutrient-filled face mask can feel luxurious and serve as a great reminder that when we take a few moments to recharge and replenish, we can enter the world looking and feeling brighter, bolder, and more energetic. Using face masks is a great way to force ourselves to reserve 15 to 30 minutes to answer the needs of our bodies and take a break from the chaos of everyday life.

Whatever your skin care needs are, there is a collagen facial mask to target your specific area of concern. Once you start a regular ritual of your own, you’ll never run out of reasons to do a face mask.

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