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What Does a Hydrogel Eye Patch Do?

What Does a Hydrogel Eye Patch Do?

Hydrogel eye patches help to moisturize, depuff, and brighten the delicate skin under your eyes by delivering a refreshing burst of hydration to tired, puffy eyes. Hydrogel soothes and revives the under-eye area so you can wake up looking like you’ve had a full eight hours of sleep.

Whether you’ve been working late nights or need an extra refresh, hydrogel eye patches are a must-have for any skincare ritual. Here’s everything you need to know to revive your skin.

What Are Hydrogel Eye Patches?

Hydrogel eye patches are specifically designed for your delicate under-eye area. Just like face masks, hydrogel eye patches instantly smooth, cool, and nourish your skin with a high concentration of active ingredients.

Thanks to their gel-like texture, hydrogel eye patches are lightweight, making them ideal for everyday use. Most also come with a stay-in-place, eye-hugging crescent shape, so you can enjoy an instant facelift during your morning routine.

Benefits of Hydrogel Eye Patches

Hydrogel eye patches can instantly refresh, rejuvenate, and revive dull and tired skin. They help moisturize the delicate skin under your eyes, which is more vulnerable to dryness, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. Regular hydration is especially important for this area, making eye patches a great addition to your skincare ritual.

If you’re dealing with specific skincare concerns, try searching for active ingredients to target those concerns, such as:

  • Puffiness: Hyaluronic acid, caffeine
  • Wrinkles: Vitamin C, collagen, retinol, peptides
  • Dark circles: Hyaluronic acid, panthenol, vitamin C

How to Use Hydrogel Eye Patches

When you’re ready to apply hydrogel eye patches, start by cleansing your skin to remove any makeup, dirt, or debris. Then, gently pat your skin dry, apply toner, and remove the eye mask from its packaging. Carefully apply them to your under-eye area, applying the lower half first.

Follow the instructions on your mask’s packaging, and leave your eye patches on for as long as needed. After removing your eye patches, lightly massage the remaining serum into your skin. Then, follow up with a hydrating moisturizer to lock in the moisture.

Depending on your skincare needs, you can apply eye patches as often as needed—whether that’s a few times a week or daily. If you’re dealing with puffiness or under-eye bags, you can maximize your skincare benefits by adding a gemstone roller. The gentle massaging motions of your gemstone roller will help depuff your skin, even its texture, and promote absorption of the leftover serum.

Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul

At KNESKO, the most luxurious way to pamper your skin is with our soothing hydrogel eye masks infused with healing collagen, proven GEMCLINICAL®️ Technology, and positive Reiki Energy for a holistic self-care experience. Back by science and driven by holistic principles, it is the perfect way to optimize your skincare. To treat yourself to a luxurious at-home spa day, apply our eye masks as often as needed to revive, protect, and nourish your skin.

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