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Does a Charcoal Mask Minimize Pores?

Does a Charcoal Mask Minimize Pores?

Yes, a charcoal mask minimizes pores. Activated charcoal is a toxin magnet, and this ancient healer attracts dirt and impurities that settle deep in the pores to the surface to minimize pore size and lessen overall visibility.

Whether you live in a polluted city or a small town, your skin is exposed to and absorbs the free-floating toxins and invisible contaminants that come from cars, businesses, and other sources. But not anymore.

Activated charcoal is the king of detoxing, so it’s no surprise that it’s finally taking its throne in the skincare industry.

Ancient Uses of Charcoal 

Long before charcoal became what it is today, some of the most advanced ancient societies began realizing the amazing benefits and unique properties of natural and activated charcoal. Originally used by the Egyptians for creating bronze, they also discovered its healing powers for intestinal ailments and absorbing unpleasant odors.

Ancient Hindus used it for sanitizing water supplies, while Hippocrates, one of history’s most outstanding figures in medicine, used it to treat epilepsy, chlorosis, and vertigo. From there, the mighty purifier was recognized by the medical community as a counter treatment for poison ingestion among other common uses.

Elemental Nature of Activated Charcoal 

Due to its elemental nature, the magic of charcoal lies within its porous surface. Activated charcoal, also a type of activated carbon, has millions of tiny pores that bind and trap toxic particles to remove up 100 times the charcoal’s own weight in toxins. While this can mean better gut health and digestion – it’s also incredible when applied in the quest for a healthier, more radiant complexion.

Benefits Beyond Detoxifying Charcoal 

Activated charcoal is a powerhouse detoxifier, and has incredible additional benefits to suit any skin type without using harmful chemicals or breaking down natural barriers that are essential to your health. It also draws unwanted and excess oils from the skin’s surface, fights and prevents breakouts, gently exfoliates dead skin cells, deep cleans and unclog pores making them less visible.

A charcoal-infused facial mask is an ideal treatment to deeply penetrate the pores to clean out built-up dirt, oil, and pollutants that dull the complexion. Its healing properties are even more powerful when combined with other natural ingredients such as tea tree oil and marine collagen – helping enhance glow, improve hydration, and minimize pores.

Deeper Healing

Minimize pores at home with a  detoxifying charcoal face mask by KNESKO. Made with our own trade-secret GEMCLINCAL™ technology, these charcoal masks are combined with black pearls, an ancient Chinese symbol for youth, prosperity, and power. This dynamic duo of bamboo charcoal and black pearl work together to promote rejuvenation and healing.

Every natural collagen mask is charged with healing Reiki energy to harness the power of the root chakra and inspire grounding, confidence, and positive energy that radiates true beauty from the inside out.

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