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Gold Eye Masks: A Luxurious Way to Nourish Under Your Eyes

Gold Eye Masks: A Luxurious Way to Nourish Under Your Eyes

If you’re into skin care, you already know that there are seemingly endless varieties of face and eye masks available on the market. From promises of intense hydration to clearing pores, there’s a mask out there that will target virtually any skin care issue you can think of. But, there’s a new eye mask on the market that has been catching the attention of beauty experts everywhere: gold eye masks.

These collagen eye masks are said to infuse the delicate skin around the eyes with a decadent dose of 24K gold. The ultimate luxury skincare item, “gold eye masks”, have been popping up virtually everywhere from social media and fashion runways, to airports and world-class spas, high-end pop-up shops and everywhere in between. Top models, business executives, influencers, and power brokers of all kinds have been touting the immense benefits a little colloidal gold can work under the eyes in just a few minutes.

But why are people doing this? Are there really benefits to be gained from the bling? Or should we just keep this precious metal in our jewelry box?

The science behind a golden eye mask

A high-quality gold eye mask is infused with colloidal gold, gold nanoparticles suspended within a liquid mixture. Colloidal gold has long been used in the holistic medicine space and is now being recognized for its effective skin healing properties as well.

Specifically, this natural substance is known to revive severely damaged skin and increase cell activity while boosting blood circulation. Together, this can help to reverse and prevent signs of aging. Colloidal gold acts as a fortress for your skin and reinforces your skin’s natural protective barriers to help prevent the build-up of skin-damaging free radicals.

Other benefits of a gold under-eye mask

Gold under eye masks are also credited with reducing inflammation and puffiness under the eyes, tightening and smoothing wrinkles, correcting sunspots and other discolorations, increasing your skin’s elasticity, and more. There are also the added benefits of any ingredients that may be combined with colloidal gold.

Infusing nanogold particles with other natural ingredients can give your skin the powerful and potent cocktail it needs to erase years from your appearance and strengthen its barriers to protect against future damage. Marine collagen, a natural ingredient found in a golden eye mask, delivers these benefits, and more.

Collagen is the protein in our skin that is responsible for its elasticity and overall structure. As we age, our skin produces less and less of it. Marine collagen and nanogold are like Batman and Robin, an incredibly powerful duo that can fight off any free radical trying to wreak havoc on your complexion. Colloidal gold heals previously damaged skin while marine collagen puts the bounce back into it (literally). Not only does the combination work to turn back the clock, it also helps to stop it. The marine collagen and nanogold work together to prepare your skin to stand up better to daily environmental stressors such as air pollution, sun rays, second-hand smoke, lack of sleep, and more.

How can I find a gold eye mask that works?

KNESKO makes some of the most luxurious brands of face, neck, and eye masks in the beauty industry. Each collagen facial mask is made using the company’s trade secret GEMCLINCAL® technology, a fusion of modern science and ancient healing wisdom. All gold under eye masks are made to reduce puffiness around the eyes, as well as smooth fine lines, hydrate, and restore elasticity while also rebalancing, and rejuvenating the mind, body, and spirit.

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