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Introducing Multi Masking Kits (Just in Time for Mother’s Day!)

Introducing Multi Masking Kits (Just in Time for Mother’s Day!)

KNESKO is pleased to introduce two new gifting options just in time for Mother’s Day: The Multi Masking Kits. Now available in our beloved Nanogold Repair and Diamond Radiance collections, these high-value, seven-piece kits make the perfect gift set for Mom to luxuriate in the best of KNESKO on Mother’s Day and beyond.

Each Multi Masking Kit includes a full assortment of natural collagen hydrogel masks, including:

  • 2 Face Masks
  • 2 Eye Masks
  • 1 Neck Mask
  • 1 Décolleté Mask
  • 1 Lip Mask

All are crafted with our trade secret GEMCLINICAL® technology, combining the ancient healing properties of precious gemstones with modern skincare science. Like all our products, each kit is personally charged with Reiki life force energy to invigorate the spirit and bring out true beauty from within the soul.

Nano Gold Multi Masking Kit

The Nano Gold Multi Masking Kit is KNESKO’s standard treatment to firm, lift and hydrate the skin. Every item in the kit features a luxurious serum made with only natural ingredients including 24K colloidal gold, marine collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E.  Nano Gold masks help skin retain moisture, reduce the appearance of redness and inflammation and appear more youthful. Gold is also known for resonating with the Third Eye Chakra, which clears negativity, promotes intuition, and inspires wisdom. What more could Mom want?

Diamond Radiance Multi Masking Kit

For the Mom seeking bright, hydrated, and energized skin, give the gift of our signature Diamond Radiance Multi Masking Kit. Our exclusive diamond masks contain precious diamond powder that illuminates the skin with its exfoliating and light-diffusing properties and the spirit with its awakening of the Crown Chakra. As the diamond-infused serum works it hydrating, age-defying magic, the “King of the Gems” encourages connection to the spirit with imagination, positivity, and strength. Mom will appear radiant inside and out.

A Great Value for Gifting or Replenishing

KNESKO Multi Masking kits offer an incredible value with over 3.5 oz of serum and $50 in savings when compared with individual products. A beautiful “gift” for yourself too! Give to others or restock your own supply.

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