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Introducing New Beauty Mask Collections

Introducing New Beauty Mask Collections
Gold-infused skincare products are the epitome of indulgence. Nothing says ‘luxury’ like slipping on a face mask or applying a serum that’s made with real, glittering gold. But gold skincare isn’t just lavish. This trend also offers incredible benefits that will leave skin glowing.

KNESKO is pleased to announce the addition of two new skin care lines: the Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collection and the Black Pearl Detox Collection. Featuring our own GEMCLINICAL® technology, bursting with gemstone-infused skin serum, and charged with Reiki healing energy, our new collagen mask collections are two more examples of holistic skincare at its best.

Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collection

Our Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collection is made with five powerful antioxidants to help protect against and reverse the damaging effects of free radicals. A potent blend of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, White Tea, Licorice Root, and Grape Seed extracts help to defend your skin from the environmental elements that contribute to the signs of premature aging. Let KNESKO’s Antioxidant skincare regimen be your first line of defense against smog, oil, and other unavoidable hazards.

Our “second skin” hydrogel mask deliver an infusion of collagen proteins and rose quartz serum to help soothe, protect, and calm your skin.  The healing power of rose quartz has similar effect on your energy field.

Rose quartz is a powerful gemstone with natural antioxidant properties and is the crystal that captures the very essence of Mother Nature’s love. Our Reiki-charged rose quartz masks call upon this ancient stone to help you awaken your Heart Chakra and encourage self-love.

You are love with KNESKO’s Rose Quartz Antioxidant mask collection, now available in antioxidant face masks, eye treatment masks, and gemstone roller sets.

Black Pearl Detox Collection

Detoxify and purify with KNEKSO’s new Black Pearl Detox Collection. Made with black pearl powder and activated bamboo charcoal, our exclusive skincare line is made to remove impurities trapped deep within your skin. A natural detoxifier, bamboo charcoal acts as a magnet to draw out bacteria, dirt, and chemicals that can cause breakouts, dryness, and signs of premature aging.

Black pearl is naturally overflowing with amino acids and calcium, which our masks channel to promote radiance and elasticity in the skin. Other clean ingredients such as  anti-bacterial tea tree leaf oil and coffee seed extract add to this collection’s purifying, hydrating, and pore-minimizing benefits.

Used in beauty rituals since the ancient Chinese Tang Dynasty, black pearl is synonymous with power and prosperity. Our Reiki-charged masks help you channel the energy of black pearls to release negative thoughts and emotions, and ground your Root Chakra in positive energy.

The Black Pearl Detox Collection comes is available now in single and multi-treatment face and eye masks. Sample the entire lines with our limited edition collagen mask and obsidian gemstone roller set.

The KNESKO Skin Care Difference

All KNESKO skin care products are cruelty-free, non-toxic, ophthalmologist recommended, and results driven. All masks are made using our own, patented GEMCLINICAL® technology, a unique blend of doctor-formulated, all-natural skincare ingredients and precious gemstones and minerals. Founder Lejla Cas personally charges all products with Reiki, to promote strong and free-flowing energy for everyone who uses them.

The Rose Quartz Antioxidant and Black Pearl Detox lines join our bestselling, original formulas: Diamond Radiance and Nanogold Repair. Visit to learn more about all of our products.

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