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Microneedling & Masking

Microneedling & Masking

One of the latest skincare procedures to gain popularity is microneedling.  Simply put, microneedling – or collagen induction therapy (CIT) – involves running a needle-covered roller (or “dermaroller”) across the treatment area to puncture the surface layer of your skin, which boosts collagen production, heals scarring, and results in a smoother, healthier, and younger-looking complexion.

Microneedling has the benefit of escalating your skin’s ability to absorb serum and nutrients from your skincare regimen.  However, because – as the name suggests – the technique involves literally making microscopic holes in your skin, doing it the wrong way or too often can result in adverse effects like skin irritation and discomfort.  An easy way to avoid any backlash? You guessed it: masking.

Masking After Microneedling

One of the most common complaints after microneedling is inflammation and tenderness. The best way to calm the irritation caused by microneedling is with a rose quartz calming mask. Applying a mask with gentle cooling agents can not only feel cooling and soothing after poking your skin with small needles, but it can also help to improve and speed up the healing process by reducing redness and swelling and also escalate your skin’s absorption of the nutrients delivered in your mask’s serum. Immediately following your microneedling treatment is the best time to bathe your skin in a high-quality, hydrogel face mask, while it is still primed to absorb the potent, nutrient-rich serums.

Choosing a Calming Face Mask after Microneedling

Choosing the right face mask is extremely important in post-microneedling care. Using a mask with processed, unnatural ingredients can further irritate your skin and create damage to your freshly-opened pores. Instead, opt for a gentle product made with all-natural ingredients from a brand you know you can trust.

KNESKO offers a variety of luxury face and neck masks that are formulated by doctors and infused with the healing power of gemstones. Applying a soothing KNESKO face mask after your microneedling procedure can be a beautiful and relaxing experience that also helps reduce redness and puffiness, promote new collagen production, and soothe irritation.  All of our masks are formulated with the highest quality collagen infused with scientifically proven ingredients to drive skin improvement and are made with GEMClinical® Technology that delivers gemstone therapy and clinical results, all in a luxurious masking experience.

Find a KNESKO masking set that speaks to you and apply it after your next microneedling session and experience the difference.

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