Rose Quartz Collection
Rose Quartz Collection

Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collection

Rose Quartz Antioxidant Mask

Powerful GEMCLINICAL® technology is harnessed in the Rose Quartz Antioxidant Collection to enhance the benefits of our proprietary Antioxidant Complex. Joining real Rose Quartz, Licorice Root and Grape Seed extracts work to Calm, Protect, and Soothe. This Rose Quartz mask collection is one of the prettiest ways to show your skin and spirit a little love. 


With skincare benefits as sweet as its smell, damask rose is combined with Rose Quartz to impart a sumptuous scent. Rose Quartz envelops your soul in loving feelings, while enhancing skin’s elasticity and producing a youthful glow. Practicing self-love has never been so skin-supporting.

Rose Quartz is connected to your Heart Chakra, which enables both giving and receiving love. As you prepare to absorb the boundless love that always surrounds you, repeat “I Am Love” three times while enjoying your masking experience.