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What is a Neck Mask?

What is a Neck Mask?

A neck mask is just like a facial mask and is applied to repair, replenish and rejuvenate the skin. Designed to fit the contours of the neck, it targets this overlooked area for benefits including firming, lifting, hydrating, and more.

Why you should care for your neck

The neck is often a prime indicator of age. Why? Because most of us forget to treat it with the same level of care as the skin on our face! This is especially unfortunate because not only is it equally vulnerable to the wrinkles, sagging, pigmentation, dehydration, and dryness as the skin our face, but it could be so easily addressed if we just included the area as a part of our regular skin care routine.

One way to reverse the neglect is to start using neck masks regularly. The same way a quality facial mask can replenish our skin with powerful nutrients, proteins, and hydration, a collagen neck mask can firm, tighten, brighten, and refresh the skin from our jaw to our décolleté. After just one session, you will wonder why you’ve waited so long to give your neck the attention it deserves.

How to apply a neck mask

Any masking ritual is an indulgence meant to be taken thoughtfully and joyfully. Begin by thoroughly cleaning your neck to remove any makeup, dirt, or grime that is sitting on the surface of the skin. Next, prepare your skin to receive the nutritional benefits of the mask by opening your pores and applying a warm, damp cloth onto your neck for several minutes. Remove the mask from its packaging and place it firmly onto your neck. Sit back, relax, and simply allow the serum to work its magic. Use a gemstone facial roller to encourage maximum absorption. After 20-30 minutes, peel off and massage the remaining serum into your skin.

Results from taking care of your neck

A neck mask of the highest quality will produce visible results right away. With regular use, the skin will improve over time. KNEKSO collagen neck masks are the gold standard. Formulated by a team of doctors and infused with precious gemstones, our GEMCLINICAL® neck masks reveal a firmer, more radiant appearance that will make you want to pull your hair back.

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