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Your Halloween Skincare Mask Edit: Let’s “Mask”Erade!

Your Halloween Skincare Mask Edit: Let’s “Mask”Erade!

Halloween cancelled?  Not on our watch!  Sure, there might not be costume parties to go to, and even if you have somewhere to go, covering up face makeup with a PPE mask sort of defeats the purpose and takes the fun out of getting into costume in the first place.

So, we’re taking fright night in reverse and taking over Halloween to make it skin-positive.  Why not take a creative twist on Halloween: Treat your skin AND have an amazing costume? We say a resounding yes! Below, we’ve pulled some costume inspo from some of our loyal customers and celeb fans alike:

Inspo #1: HONEY BUNNY: We’re taking a page out of Jessica Simpson’s book (or rather, a post off her Instagram): Bunny it up with our Rose Quartz Face Mask! Our pretty pink mask makes it easy to transform into the cutest bunny on the block.  Just add ears, a tail, and any fluffy suit and you’ll be hopping off into the sunset (and super comfy to boot while your skin enjoys the TLC!).

Inspo #2: BAT GIRL: Use the top half of our Black Charcoal Detox Mask as the perfect mask if you’re feeling “Marvel”ous and going for a Bat Girl look.

Inspo #3: PRETTY KITTY: Our Diamond Radiance, Nano Gold, or Black Pearl Face Masks are perfect for a kitty cat look.  Use the top half of the mask, and you can still paint your nose if you’d like to add an extra catty effect.

Inspo #4: BEWITCHING MALEFICENT: Our Diamond Radiance Masks are tailor-made for the perfect base for Maleficent, thanks to the opulent pearl finish her character achieves with her signature translucent skin look.  Why dry out your skin with pasty, chalky, synthetic face paints when you can achieve a character-ready look AND actually soothe your skin at the same time?

Inspo #5: BIRDS OF A FEATHER: The birds have it!  Go Black Swan with our Black Pearl Facial Masks, or take it Miami-style with our Rose Quartz Facial Masks.  Either way, bird is the word! Just add feathers for the final bird-like touch.

Inspo #6: C-3PO:  No surprise, our Nano Gold Repair Masks are tailor-made for rocking a guilded-gold C-3PO look. Slick back your hair and buy a vinyl gold body suit (who doesn’t want one in their wardrobe?) to complete your Star Wars ultimate look.

Not feeling like crawling into costume this year? We feel you.  Our ultimate Halloween “Masquerade” is inviting friends over, slipping on our favorite Knesko masks, and enjoying a bottle of wine and a Halloween movie marathon. Streaming  The Shining, luxuriating in my favorite Black Pearl Detox Masks, sipping a  glass of prosecco and lounging with my best GF to share the experience with me sounds like the best Halloween ever.

Any way you decide to take your masking experience, the possibilities are endless! So get creative, and get Halloween “Masking”!

How are you “Halloweening” with Knesko?  Share with us in our #KNESKOmmunity

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