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All About Lactobionic Acid and Why You Need It

All About Lactobionic Acid and Why You Need It

Some of the best skincare ingredients, like lactobionic acid, are found in nature. It is an incredibly gentle yet highly effective ingredient that is beloved by dermatologists. Here’s all the essential information you need to know about it and why you should include it in your beauty routine.

What exactly is lactobionic acid?

You likely already know that milk contains a type of sugar called lactose and that lactic acid is derived from it. Because of its exfoliating properties, lactic acid has long been used in skincare products, such as mild-strength chemical peels. It is also an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA).

Lactobionic acid is similar, but not quite the same thing. It, too, is derived from the lactose found in dairy products. However, lactobionic acid is a poly-hydroxy acid (PHA). It also has exfoliating properties but is gentler on the skin than lactic acid. It’s also lighter than glycolic acid, as lactobionic acid has a larger molecule size, which means it cannot readily penetrate the skin barrier. Instead, it actually strengthens it.

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The many benefits of lactobionic acid for your skin

Lactobionic acid is incredibly beneficial for your skin. Not only does it strengthen the skin barrier, but it’s also a great choice for people who are prone to skin irritation and sensitivity. In addition, although it’s an exfoliator, it can be safely used daily. Some of the main benefits of incorporating lactobionic acid into your daily skincare routine include the following:

  • Gentle exfoliation – Lactobionic acid doesn’t penetrate deep into the skin, and therefore it won’t provide dramatic exfoliation. However, since it’s safe enough to use daily, you’ll see significant improvements with continued use. As an exfoliator, lactobionic acid works by gently breaking down the bonds between the surface layer of skin cells. It allows the old skin cells to be sloughed off and your new, younger, vibrant-looking skin to shine.
  • Humectant – Lactobionic acid is seriously hydrating. It draws moisture into your skin to keep it well-hydrated and plumper.
  • Anti-aging properties – Lactobionic acid fights the signs of aging. It improves elasticity and guards against fine lines and wrinkles by increasing the production of collagen.
  • Skin brightener – Fed up with pesky under-eye dark circles and areas of hyperpigmentation? Lactobionic acid can help with that. When used consistently, it’ll help fade those dark spots.
  • Sun protectant – Lactobionic acid also has antioxidant properties. This means it can offer extra protection against those harmful UV rays. However, please note that it’s not a substitute for sunscreen.

Take your skincare routine to the next level with lactobionic acid

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