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Does Tranexamic Acid Fade Dark Spots and Brighten Skin?

Does Tranexamic Acid Fade Dark Spots and Brighten Skin?

Tranexamic acid is highly effective at fading dark spots while giving the skin a youthful, brighter glow. Previously used to treat other medical conditions, the skincare properties of tranexamic acid were discovered accidentally. And we’re lucky they were! Now, beauty experts have begun raving about this powerful, formerly-secret ingredient. Let’s find out what tranexamic acid can do for you. 

What exactly is tranexamic acid?

Amino acids are the fundamental components of proteins. One of them is lysine—and tranexamic acid is its synthetic derivative. It has been used for years by doctors because of its blood-clotting properties. It can treat people suffering from excessive bleeding during surgery, postpartum bleeding, and heavy menstrual periods. In 2016, it was discovered that tranexamic acid could also prove useful in dermatology.

How does tranexamic acid fade dark spots and brighten the skin?

The doctor who discovered the dermatologic uses of tranexamic acid had been studying its ability to treat chronic urticaria—an autoimmune reaction that causes a skin reaction. It’s since been determined that tranexamic acid effectively fades dark spots and brightens the skin by interfering with the interaction between skin cells and melanocytes (melanin-forming cells).

Does tranexamic acid have any other beauty benefits?

But the skincare uses don’t stop there for tranexamic acid. In addition to addressing hyperpigmentation caused by factors like sunlight exposure, it can also treat uneven skin tone and reduce the redness and inflammation of acne. It may even help manage erythematotelangiectatic rosacea. Even if you don’t suffer from these conditions, tranexamic acid can strengthen the skin barrier, making your skin more moisturized and resilient.


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Is tranexamic acid safe for all skin types?

Tranexamic acid is generally well tolerated by people with all skin types. In fact, many people find this ingredient less irritating than others intended for dark spot correction. It’s even safe for use during pregnancy. However, if you have extremely sensitive skin or you’ve been diagnosed with eczema, you may wish to do a skin test first. Dab a little on the inside of your wrist to see if there is a reaction.

How should I use tranexamic acid?

Ideally, you should use tranexamic acid with a concentration of about 0.5% to 2.5%. You may want to start by using a product containing tranexamic acid once daily to see how your skin reacts. After a few days, feel free to bump up your usage to twice daily, or as directed by the product.

Get the benefits of tranexamic acid in your skincare routine

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