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A Jewelry Box of Gems for Your Skin

A Jewelry Box of Gems for Your Skin

To quote Lejla Cas, KNESKO’s founder and Reiki Master, “KNESKO is truly like a beautiful jewelry box, teeming with precious gemstone masks and beauty tools.” Each product, suitable for its own occasion and mood. Our products are meant to be mixed and matched, to be dressed up or down, to prep for a big night out or to relax on a quiet afternoon, to open your heart or stimulate creativity… KNESKO has a gem for every “look.”

All of our products, even the boxes they come in, are luxurious collectable items. Our skincare lines don’t just borrow their names from gems; they are actually infused with them. The Nano Gold Repair masks are infused with colloidal gold, Black Pearl Detox masks with black pearl powder, Diamond Radiance with diamond microparticles, and Rose Quartz Antioxidant with rose quartz.

The same is true for our gemstone rollers. Handcrafted from precious, fair trade stone such as rose quartz, green jade, black obsidian, and white jade, and dipped in rose gold, every roller is a stunning work of art.

And since KNESKO products are infused with Reiki, each line contains holistic healing benefits that are more than just skin-deep. Like you choose a necklace or earrings to match the occasion or your ensemble, you can choose a KNESKO product to suit your ever-changing spiritual needs as well as the needs of your skin on any given day.

Your Changing Skincare Needs

Your skin is constantly changing. Skin cells completely regenerate every two to three weeks, so the care your skin requires one week might be vastly different from what it needs the next. KNESKO’s lines are designed to give your skin the love it needs, be it repair, radiance, detox, or antioxidant protection.

Repair your skin with our Nano Gold Repair collection. Colloidal gold and marine collagen work together in these masks to help minimize redness, reduce inflammation and increase elasticity. The diamond microparticles in our Diamond Radiance serum assist in maximum absorption of healing nutrients to increase your skin’s natural cell regeneration for an energized, glowing appearance.

Detoxify and purify your skin with our Black Pearl Detox masks. Black pearl’s naturally occurring amino acids and calcium help boost elasticity and luminescence, while activated bamboo charcoal draws out toxic bacteria, chemicals and oil from deep within your skin. Fight back against free radicals and other environmental pollutions while reducing signs of aging with the antioxidant ingredients in our Rose Quartz Antioxidant line.

Choose a KNESKO mask based on what your skin needs.

Your Changing Spiritual Needs

Just as your skin requires curated care, so do your mind and spirit. Stress, exhaustion, and anxiety take a toll on your inner self, disconnecting you from your Chakras and inhibiting your power. Every KNESKO mask collection is also intended to help with your changing spiritual needs so you can heal from the inside out.

Gold has always been associated with self-knowledge and inner vision, so you can choose a gold face mask to help reunite you and your powerful intuition. Similarly, diamonds are the long-time symbol of radiance, positive energy and imagination. Mask with our Diamond Radiance collection to awaken and connect your Crown Chakra.

Signifying universal love, the rose quartz in our rose quartz face masks helps you embrace your self-love and compassion for others. Black pearls represent power. Our Black Pearl Detox masks are intended to help you channel your inner strength and feel more connected and grounded.

Choose a KNESKO mask based on what your mind and spirit need.

Your KNESKO Collection

Your masking ritual is just that: your ritual. Listen to what your body and soul need, and fulfill that need with the corresponding KNESKO product. Have fun exploring the different collections, and fill your personal treasure chest with KNESKO, the jewelry for your skin and spirit.

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