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Back to School Skin Care

Back to School Skin Care

With the summer months coming to an end, families everywhere are scrambling to prepare for the new school year. While it can feel fresh and exciting, it can also become overwhelming and hectic—and not just for the student. Parents, grandparents, caregivers, and others can all begin to feel a bit stressed as they manage new schedules, additional responsibilities, and changing seasons.

With all of the focus on getting things ready for learning, it can be easy to forget about self-care. So, before you try on another first-day-of-school outfit, make sure you’re maintaining a simple, healthy self-care ritual to keep a fresh, vibrant complexion.

Reestablish a sleeping routine

When the days are beautiful and warm, it can be easyleeping routine to toss the standard bedtime out the window. Having more hours of daylight (and the draw of nice weather), we tend to want to take in as much as possible. However, when it comes time to get back to business for the fall school season, it’s important that we’re getting enough sleep. Not only can a lack of sleep cause dull, puffy skin, it also affects the way we learn. So to keep your skin calm and your brain sharp for school, start by reestablishing your sleep schedule and get the rest you need.

Improve your diet

For many of us, summer is a food festival filled with burgers, lobster rolls, and ice cream. Your skin has been putting up with it behind your gorgeous summer tan, but with school back in session, it’s time to start making better food choices. And don’t forget to drink water!  Your skin will thank you for it.

Reserve time for meditation

Back to school season is stressful for everyone, which can take a toll on your body, your mind, and your skin. While it can be hard to step away from your carefully planned schedule, setting aside time to empty your mind and renew your soul can actually make you more efficient. A quiet mind and a strong spirit are the perfect recipe for glowing skin. As we always say: Beautiful skin begins within… And meditation really does do the trick.

Treat your skin

Back to school season is more than getting back to the classroom. It is also the perfect time to reset positive patterns, kick bad habits, and start fresh. Over the summer months, many of us may forgo our usual healthy habits in exchange for beaches, barbeques, and bonfires. One of those things that probably took the wayside was your skin care routine. The best way to jump back into healthier skin is to reset it with a nourishing, cleansing collagen facial mask. Explore KNESKO’s treasure chest of skin care collections to find exactly what your skin needs to face the school year head on.

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