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Diamond’s Are Your Skin’s Best Friend

Diamond’s Are Your Skin’s Best Friend

From Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe herself, diamonds have always had a firm place in popular culture and style. However, modern celebrities are now taking frosting to a whole new level with diamond-infused skincare.

Luxury skin care lines have taken to incorporating diamond powder in everything from collagen masks and serums to makeup and body creams. So- where did this opulent skincare trend come from? And, most importantly, what do diamond-infused skin products do?

Ancient Roots, Modern Application 

Using diamond skincare may seem like a modern trend, but it actually dates back to Roman times. The ancient civilization considered diamonds to be the gemstone of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. They used diamond dust for the same reasons we do today: to brighten the skin, promote radiance of spirit, and to preserve a youthful glow.

Contemporary science has finally caught up with ancient wisdom and today some of the most sought-after and buzzed-about skincare products are diamond-infused. Skincare experts tout the brightening, exfoliating, and hydrating properties of diamonds, while healers and other wellness practitioners note the gemstone’s influence over the Crown Chakra which stimulates creativity, builds self-confidence, and promotes positive energy.

Diamonds have the distinct ability to work on both the inside and outside of the body, making those who incorporate them into their skincare regimen- truly sparkle and glow.

Diamonds for Exfoliation

Diamonds, the hardest of all gems, make excellent exfoliators. When ground into fine microparticles, diamonds help to remove dead skin cells which not only helps to brighten the skin, but also to stimulate collagen production, reduce the appearance of sun damage, and provide deep hydration. As a result, skin is left feeling smooth, moisturized, and newly energized.

Diamonds are a selling point for a wide range of exfoliating skin care products. Leading dermatologists are known to use diamond-encrusted wands for their in-office microdermabrasion procedures, while drugstore beauty brands claim to incorporate diamond powder in their products. For maximum diamond-infused benefits, it is best to trust doctor-formulated, high-end luxury skin care brands who can back up the claims they make in their packaging.

Diamond Diffusers

“Optical diffusion” is the scattering of light to help create a soft effect. In skincare, optical diffusers disperse light to help minimize the appearance of imperfections or uneven tone.  Diamond powder is thought to contribute to this effect as any remnants contained in the products are left behind on the skin’s surface, which in turn reflects light and produces natural-looking radiance and a more youthful glow. This “blurring effect” is what gives optical diffusion its name. Using diamonds to achieve this soft-focus effect is a natural way to help hide the signs of aging without resorting to harsh chemicals or surgical procedures.

Activation of the Crown Chakra

One of the lesser known reasons for incorporating diamonds and other gemstones into a skincare routine is to experience the energy healing benefits that form the foundation of beautiful skin.

Diamonds are known to stimulate the Crown Chakra, helping to awaken your positive energy, accentuate your inner power, and bring you in alignment with your highest self. Applying diamonds to your skin exposes you to all of these possibilities, that in turn, become reflected in your skin. Some would say that it’s the spiritual radiance reflecting outward that is causing your skin to appear so reinvigorated.

KNESKO Diamond Radiance Collection

Though the diamond-infused skincare trend is still new to many, the skin care experts at KNESKO have long been promoting the incredible benefits impacting both the spirit as well as the skin. Our own Diamond Radiance Collection is one of our original lines and continues to be among our most popular. Choose from a full line of diamond-infused masks for the face, eye, lip, and neck and décolleté.

Our diamond masks, designed under a team of doctors, are made with our own patented GEMCLINICAL® technology and offer the most sophisticated delivery system of all-natural ingredients such as diamond powder, marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, and essential oils to the deepest layers of your skin. Every mask is charged with Reiki to encourage healing on a spiritual level that radiates through your whole body. Brighten, hydrate, and energize your skin from the inside out with your skin’s new best friend.

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