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Does Microcirculation and Lymphatic Drainage Make Your Skin Glow?

Does Microcirculation and Lymphatic Drainage Make Your Skin Glow?

Have you ever met someone whose skin seems to glow? There are many factors that contribute to radiant, glowing skin—including healthy microcirculation and lymphatic drainage. 

The skin is your body’s largest organ, and it needs a continuous supply of nutrients and oxygen. One effective way to nourish it and restore its natural harmony is to encourage lymphatic drainage and microcirculation. If these terms seem rather clinical, not to worry—the solution is simple. You can support lymphatic drainage, microcirculation, and a glowing complexion at home with a simple facial microcirculation tool.

A look at how lymphatic drainage makes your skin glow

Your body’s lymphatic system is a network of organs and tissues. Its role in supporting your overall health is the removal of toxins and other waste products in the body. It also circulates lymph, a fluid that contains important white blood cells, which help fight off infections.

A gentle lymphatic drainage facial massage—using a tool such as a gemstone face roller—encourages the movement of lymph and toxins underneath the skin. As these waste products move away from the face, they enter the lymph nodes, where they can be processed out of your body. 

As the toxins and fluid leave your facial area, you’ll experience less inflammation and less puffiness. Ultimately, you’ll be left with a glowing, radiant complexion. The benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage are particularly noticeable on someone who has dull skin. However, this is a safe and beneficial practice for any skin type.

What is microcirculation, and how does it help your skin glow?

The terms “microcirculation” and “lymphatic drainage” are often used interchangeably, but they aren’t quite the same thing. Lymphatic drainage refers to the movement of fluid through the lymphatic network. In contrast, microcirculation refers to the movement of blood through the tiny capillaries just beneath the surface of your skin.

Proper blood flow is crucial for your systemic health. When you’re injured, it’s the flow of blood to the injury site that brings healing nutrients and oxygen. The health of your skin is also dependent on a continuous flow of nutrient-rich, oxygenated blood to your living skin cells. In addition to supporting lymphatic drainage, microcirculation also helps to detoxify the skin. 

So, when you add new tools to your beauty routine that support both lymphatic drainage and microcirculation, you can look forward to healthy, detoxified, glowing skin.

Add lymphatic drainage and microcirculation to your beauty routine

Supporting healthy microcirculation and lymphatic drainage is one of the easiest, most beneficial ways to promote healthy skin. Plus, the cool gemstone feels heavenly on skin! 

When you choose KNESKO, you can rest assured you’re choosing natural products that support holistic health. By using our indulgent amethyst roller—a new addition to our range of skin + spirit care products—you can eliminate toxins, depuff your skin, promote collagen production, and soothe your soul.

The ethically sourced amethyst activates your crown chakra to ward off stress and negative thoughts. Another option is our rose quartz gua sha, a facial microcirculation tool used in traditional Chinese medicine for its lymphatic drainage capabilities. Regardless of which tool you choose, you’ll notice improved skin health and more radiance. Ready, set, glow!

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