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Green Jade Calm Origin Story: Lejla’s Passion Project Two Years in the Making

Green Jade Calm Origin Story: Lejla’s Passion Project Two Years in the Making

I formulated the Green Jade Calm Collection to address the concerns of sensitive and stressed skin, which many experience simply by moving about their day. Day in and out, our skin is subjected to the sun’s harmful UV rays, smoggy air pollution, and even internal stress. All of these things can render our skin tired, depleted, and more susceptible to damage.

I spent two years meticulously developing the Green Jade Calm Collection to help address some of the negative consequences of these daily skin stressors. The gorgeous, jade-infused formulas are a soothing treat for your complexion, helping to nourish the skin's natural barrier while addressing signs of irritation and fatigue.

Every minute detail was considered in the formulation of this collection; it was a meticulous process that took me and our team of cosmetic dermatologists and cosmetics chemists two years to complete. From the silky texture of the serum to its beautiful hue to the carefully curated ingredient list and testing, no stone was left unturned.

The result is a stunning, restorative collection that delivers visible results and a soothing, luxurious experience.

Green Jade Calm Mask & Serum Ingredients

Along with visibly soothing tired and stressed skin, these beautifully crafted products can help protect against signs of environmental damage, minimize the appearance of breakouts, and calm your spirit.  They’re suitable for all skin types.

The Green Jade Calm Face Mask contains:

  • SEAWEED: This powerhouse ingredient helps with the appearance of reactive, blemish-prone, and sensitive skin.
  • PROBIOTIC: Soybean extract is leveraged as a natural probiotic.
  • COLLOIDAL OATMEAL: Every Jade Calm mask contains a generous amount of calming serum made from colloidal oatmeal to help skin feel calmer.
  • OMEGA COMPLEX: Visibly improves skin hydration (41% more water after 14 continuous days of use.)

Green Jade Calm Serum


Green Jade Calm Serum

Calm • Replenish • Strengthen
Regular price $70.00 - $185.00
Regular price Sale price $70.00

Both the Green Jade masks and serums rely on our age-defying, skin soothing Advanced Calming Complex, which includes the following ingredients:

  • TIGER GRASS: Also known as Centella Asiatica or Cica, this calming botanical addresses the look of skin flare-ups and redness.
  • PURSLANE: A vitamin-packed botanical ingredient that visibly protects against free radicals and supports reactive skin.
  • NEPHRITE POWDER: I carefully chose this ingredient, which is known to balance the Heart Chakra while increasing feelings of abundance and health.

Other enriching ingredients include hyaluronic acid, squalane, Bisobolol, and hydrolyzed silk to visibly replenish and strengthen the skin’s barrier.

Green Jade’s calming serum has many incredible benefits:

  • Helps sensitive skin feel calmer
  • Addresses dryness by boosting hydration
  • Reduces the appearance of irritated skin
  • Creates a more even-looking skin tone
  • Visibly minimizes skin redness
  • Brightens skin for a healthy glow

Green Jade Calm Collection Features GEMCLINICAL® Technology

KNESKO’s proprietary GEMCLINICAL® Technology powers the Green Jade Calm Collection with energy-stimulating gemstone powders and dermatologist-preferred active skincare ingredients. These precious gemstones help amplify active ingredients by improving the delivery process and stabilizing ingredients so they remain potent.

The Spiritual Power of Green Jade

Green Jade represents health and abundance. It strengthens the heart and nurtures emotional well-being, opening the heart to joy. In Chinese culture, it is part of the daily ritual to aid in emotional and physical well-being. Some people believe it attracts abundance and good luck.

I identify so strongly with the healing energy of Jade that I even named my own dog after the gemstone! Like our Calm Collection, Jade is a gentle soul who gives nothing but love and joy to everyone she meets.

The mantra "I am grateful" aligns with the loving energy of heart chakra which is activated by Green Jade. This gentle, loving energy resonates with sensitive skin, offering the replenishment and care it needs.

Green Jade Calm Collagen Mask & Green Jade Gemstone Roller Discovery Kit

Gift Sets

Green Jade Calm Collagen Mask & Green Jade Gemstone Roller Discovery Kit

Calm • Replenish • Strengthen
Regular price $125.00
Regular price Sale price $125.00

Incorporating Green Jade Calm Products into Your Routine

My Green Jade Calm Collection is ideal for soothing and replenishing the skin. This is a must whether you got too much sun, have recently had a chemical peel, are using retinol, or are dealing with a cold and dry winter.

I use the Green Jade Calm Face Mask once a week along with a neck and décolleté mask from the Nanogold collection. Once a week, I reach for the Green Jade Eye Mask, especially when I need a little extra soothing and depuffing. Depending on my skin needs, I may opt for other formulations on other days.

KNESKO’s Green Jade Calm Collection is for people who desire a simple, long-term skincare solution that meets their everyday needs. It is also for those who like to indulge in a moment of spiritual self-care as they absorb the full benefit of these exquisite serums and masks. The Green Jade Calm Collection, which includes the Green Jade Calm Gift Set, is a luxurious addition to your Knesko skincare routine.

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