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How to Hydrate your Skin

How to Hydrate your Skin

Supple, hydrated skin is something we all want, but it’s not that easy to maintain.  Drinking eight glasses of water a day and applying moisturizer in the morning or after a shower isn’t enough if it is your only defense strategy against dry skin. Your own daily routine may be hurting you and you don’t even realize it.

Consider some additional steps you can take that will help you quench thirsty skin and maintain healthy, hydrated skin.

Step 1 – Lower your water temp

Everyone loves a long, hot shower, but did you know that hot water can also strip your skin of its natural oils? When showering or washing your face, keep water temps mild and your time under the stream to a minimum. This is especially true during the cold, dry winter months when we want to linger a little longer under the heated shower head. You might consider the abbreviated practice a small sacrifice when you notice the difference it makes to your skin.

Step 2 – Skip the soap

Many of us see oily skin and reach for the soap, but ordinary soaps can dehydrate your skin. This is especially true if you’re using washes that contain salicylic acid or other ingredients aimed at “treating” acne or excess oil, which can often lead to excessive oil production after extended use. Oily skin is not the same as hydrated skin, and combating it with harsh, drying soaps creates a vicious cycle. Instead, try a gentle cleansing oil or another non-soap cleanser. At the very least, switch to a soap made with natural, organic products that will work in harmony with your body’s natural chemistry without stripping it of its natural oils.

Step 3 – Apply a serum

After cleansing, apply a nutrient-rich serum to your face, neck, and décolleté. Look for serums that help encourage your body’s natural collagen production and replenish your skin’s moisture levels. Use these products before you apply your daily moisturizer to lock in hydration that will take you through the day.

Step 4 – Relax with a face mask

Use a high-quality, hydrating face mask by KNESKO. Doctor-formulated and Reiki-charged, KNESKO masks are made with marine collagen, infused with natural antioxidants, and blended with precious gemstones and mineral powders. KNEKSO products encourage natural collagen production and provide lasting hydration for soft, glowing skin that lasts. Choose from a variety of hydrogel masks including the Nano Gold and Diamond Radiance collections that deliver a decadent serum infusion to your entire face, neck, and décolleté.

Hydrate your lifestyle

Remember, maintaining hydrated skin is ultimately a holistic process that can be reinforced with healthy lifestyle habits. In addition to incorporating some of our suggestions, make sure to drink water before you are thirsty, eat water-dense fruits and vegetables, apply sunscreen even when it’s cloudy, and dress appropriately to protect your skin against environmental factors that might otherwise dry it out.

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