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The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Hands and Feet

The Ultimate Guide to Caring for Hands and Feet

Our feet carry us wherever we go, and our hands work hard all day long. In addition to consistent exposure to the elements and otherwise, skin here is thinner than elsewhere which makes it particularly susceptible to premature aging, dryness, and dullness. For as often as they’re used—and as important as they are to us—it only makes sense to intentionally care for our hands and feet.

5 Non-Negotiable Skincare Tips For Hands and Feet

Given how susceptible our hands and feet are to aging and our environment, an effective skincare routine for this often neglected skin is a must. Here’s what you can do to keep yours looking beautiful and healthy.

1. Use Moisturizing, Age-Defying Formulas 

Moisturizing hands and feet is a no-brainer. However, in the same way you’re intentional about what face products you use, it’s smart to strategically select your body care products.

“Not every skincare ingredient is at an active level. You have to choose your body care products carefully if you want to see results,” says Lejla Cas, founder and celebrity esthetician.

Perfect for skin from neck to toes, KNESKO Gold Repair Body Serum features a blend of active ingredients often reserved for facial care—including peptides, niacinamide, and vitamin C—to turn back the clock and deliver touchably soft and luminous skin. Layer it with the Gold Repair Body Cream, which locks in moisture and supports the skin barrier with ingredients such as ceramides, shea butter, and hydrolyzed marine collagen.

Both products are also formulated with genuine gold, and the reason why isn’t just because it sounds fancy. “Gemstones and minerals act as a delivery system in all KNESKO formulations to really aid these amazing clinical active ingredients so they absorb, penetrate better, and give you more of a targeted result,” Cas explains.

In this collection, gold acts as a 3D carrier to help deliver our Advanced Age-defying peptide complex to the skin.

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2. Incorporate Highly Effective Treatments

Along with daily moisturizing, nurture your hands and feet with science-forward, results-driven treatments that are as effective as they are luxurious. KNESKO’s Gold Repair Foot Mask and Gold Repair Hand Mask fit the bill and complement any at-home mani/pedi.

“Our hand and foot masks are infused with the KNESKO’s age-defying complex, which has three different peptides, collagen, elastin, and vitamin E,” Cas says. “They are truly designed to give you brighter and more rejuvenated hands and feet.”

She adds that the new HydraGrip technology keeps the mask in place for a secure fit while treating yourself. We increased the viscosity of our hand and foot masks by 15% to improve the staying power of the treatments.

3. Apply Daily Sun Protection

The skin on our hands and feet are often exposed to the sun (with the latter more so during summer), making them a prime target for premature signs of aging. From age spots to thinning skin to crepey texture, the sun is relentless and undiscriminating. The American Academy of Dermatologists says your best defense against the sun is to apply an SPF 30 or higher on your hands and feet every day.

4. Routinely Exfoliate

Exfoliating feet and hands bi-weekly nixes dead skin cells, prevents calluses, and promises smoother, healthier skin. KNESKO’s Gold Repair Body Serum actually provides gentle daily exfoliation thanks to the inclusion of lactic acid, a gentle but powerful alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that resurfaces, softens, and smoothes skin texture. Use a pumice stone or gritty scrub to tackle the thicker, rougher skin on your feet.

5. Wear Protective Gloves As Needed

Our hands function as tools, but it’s still important to protect them from aggressive cleaning agents, excessive water exposure, and abrasive materials when tackling chores around the house or yard. Throwing on a pair of rubber gloves (or cute gardening gloves) is one of the best ways to take care of your hands.

By following these tips and incorporating them into your daily routine, you can relish in hands and feet that are healthy, beautiful, and radiant.

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