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What Causes Dark Under Eye Circles?

How to Brighten Your Eyes

Several factors can contribute to dark under eye circles, including age, dehydration, and a lack of sleep. However, research suggests that the most common causes of dark circles are genetics and a lack of sleep. 

The good news? Once you’ve identified the underlying reason, you can revive your skin! Here’s everything you need to know about what causes dark under eye circles and how you can treat them.

What are dark under eye circles?

You’ve probably woken up with dark circles under your eyes--where the skin beneath your eyes appears darker than the rest of your face. Under-eye dark circles are usually the result of two skin conditions:

  1. Thinning of the skin under your eyes, which makes your blood vessels more visible.
  2. Puffiness, which casts shadows under your eyes.

Dark circles appear for several reasons, but there are some other common causes. Fortunately, a few of them can be resolved with some easy lifestyle changes. 

How can you treat dark under eye circles?

Dark circles are surprisingly common and can usually be treated. Here are some common causes and suggestions for treatment.

  • Lack of sleep: Sleep deprivation can make your skin look paler. This makes the blood vessels under your skin more apparent, leading to dark circles. The solution? Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night so you can wake up looking refreshed, revived, and ready to face the day.
  • Aging: As you grow older, your body slows down collagen production, causing the skin around your eyes to thin. Some medical treatments can help target dark circles, like fillers. Also, make sure you’re following a regular skincare routine to keep your skin hydrated.
  • Seasonal allergies: When allergy season rolls around, your body releases histamines, making your eyes red and swollen, and ultimately contributing to dark circles. If you’re constantly rubbing your eyes, try taking an antihistamine to combat allergies.
  • Genetics: Genetics can determine a few factors that contribute to dark circles—namely collagen levels and melanin production. If your skin needs extra TLC, use collagen under eye masks to give your eyes the love they deserve. 
  • Alcohol consumption: If you’ve ever had a late night out, you’ve probably woken up with dark circles the next morning. Drinking alcohol dehydrates your skin and impacts sleep, which can worsen the appearance of dark circles. Limit your alcohol intake whenever possible, and use hydrating face masks to rejuvenate your skin after a long night.

Revive Your Skin with Holistic Skincare Products

Waking up with dark circles under your eyes isn’t ideal, but holistic skincare products can bring your skin back to life. At KNESKO, our gemstone-infused collagen eye masks revive your skin so you can achieve a glowing complexion. Use our collagen face masks as often as needed to treat yourself to a luxurious at-home spa experience.


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