Knesko Collagen Eye Mask Banner - Gold
Knesko Collagen Eye Mask Banner - Gold

Collagen Under Eye Mask

Have tired eyes ready for a refresh? Our collagen eye masks are here to support these delicate areas with a decadent, spa-level experience! Think about it, your eyes are constantly in use—meaning they’re definitely worthy of a self-care practice that supports well-being and whole-body rejuvenation.


To support this sensitive skin and one of the body’s most important organs, our collagen under eye masks feature our proprietary GEMCLINICAL technology to enhance the effectiveness of our proven Age-Defying, Hydrating, Antioxidant, Detoxifying, and Brightening Complexes and their doctor-formulated, clean, clinical ingredients. A regular treatment is one of the best ways to rejuvenate, revive, and minimize the effects that come with aging.

As an indulgent treat for your skin and spirit, each eye mask is enhanced with gemstones, minerals, and Reiki Energy. Your eyes are the windows to your soul—nurture both with the collagen eye masks from KNESKO.