Knesko Collagen Eye Mask Banner - Gold
Knesko Collagen Eye Mask Banner - Gold

Collagen Under Eye Mask

Your eyes are the windows to your soul. Nurture both with exclusive gold- and diamond-infused eye masks from KNESKO

Regardless of your individual skin type, the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive and delicate. The eye area is prone to darkening, puffiness, and dryness due to factors such as lack of rest, insufficient hydration, and an inconsistent skin care routine. Regular treatment with KNESKO’s collagen-based masks, molded specifically in the shape of the undereye region, is one of the best ways to help minimize the effects that come with neglect or unavoidable aging.

Our Gold Collagen Eye Masks are paraben-free, hypoallergenic and ophthalmologist recommended. Thanks to the infusion of 24K gold micro-particles, your skin will appear more luminous and youthful with each application

Under the guidance of a team of doctors, KNESKO has harnessed the GEMCLINICAL® healing properties of colloidal gold by suspending nanoparticles of the precious metal in liquid and combining them with nature’s best skin remedies: marine collagen, aloe, and rose essential oil. Together with polypeptides, they work to help de-puff, firm, lift, hydrate, and smooth fine lines around and under the eyes.

Our Nano Gold eye masks are an indulgent treat for not only your skin, but also your spirit, as gold is recognized to activate the Third Eye chakra located between your eyebrows. The center of wisdom and protection, this vital chakra is driven by the principle of purity and spirituality. Our eye masks are infused with Reiki energy for an enhanced, transformational experience.

KNESKO’s Diamond Collagen Eye Masks will only enhance your lifelong love affair with these precious stones

Infused with diamond powder and collagen, our Diamond eye mask treatments are designed to minimize dark circles and brighten your under eye region. Our natural hydrating treatments energize your skin with powerful polypeptides and antioxidants, while also minimizing fine lines around and under the eyes. Recommended by ophthalmologists, they are paraben-free and hypoallergenic. Simply apply our collagen eye pads and enjoy the appearance of instant improvement.

The Diamond Radiance Collagen Eye Masks activate the Crown chakra. Located at the top of your head, it gives access to higher states of consciousness. The Crown chakra is our own personal resource for enhanced power and positive energy.

Working with leading clinical dermatologists and chemists, we created a truly GEMCLINICAL® experience. Our Collagen Eye Masks bring you the best in natural, luxury skincare treatments that soothe both your skin and your soul.

We invite you to experience our indulgent eye masks in the comfort of your home. Try a single treatment or stock up on this invaluable beauty secret and purchase a package of six treatments