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Your Complete Guide to Skincare After Sun Exposure


Summer is here, and that means spending more time outdoors. But even if you’re applying (and re-applying) SPF, wearing protective clothing, and hanging out in the shade, sun exposure can still take a toll.

That’s right—sun exposure is inevitable, and free radical damage can stress out your skin. Here’s how to craft the perfect post-exposure skincare ritual so you can bounce back to hydrated, glowing skin.

Step 1: Keep Your Body Hydrated

Even if you’re not doing any physical activity outside, hydration is non-negotiable. Water is the basis of life and being dehydrated is a recipe for skincare disaster. So, make sure to drink lots of water—with electrolytes if needed—to replenish the loss of body fluids through sweating.

If you’re having trouble cooling down, try applying something cold to your skin (think: that gemstone roller you’re storing in the fridge). 

Step 2: Cleanse Away the Sweat, Oil, and Grime

The basic rules of skincare apply after a day of fun in the sun. As an important part of your daily skincare ritual, cleansing is essential after sun exposure. If you don’t wash off sweat, dirt, and sebum, your skin will have difficulty absorbing any ingredients from your products.

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Depending on your skin type, you might use a cleansing lotion, face wash, or cleansing balm to clear your pores. Finally, take a cold shower with a gentle body wash or hydrating shower gel to revitalize your skin.

Step 3: Replenish Your Skin

After sun exposure, your skin might become red and inflamed as a defense mechanism. Basically, sunlight stresses out your skin cells, sending them into high alert. To soothe your skin, apply an anti-inflammatory face mask to calm skin cells, reduce redness, and combat inflammation.

Need extra relief? Treat yourself to an at-home spa experience with an ultra-hydrating collagen face mask. Hydrating face masks are great for replenishing moisture levels in the skin to combat barrier damage and dehydration.

When you’re done, nourish your skin with your favorite hydrating moisturizer. 

Step 4: Don’t Forget About Antioxidants

When you’re exposing your skin to UV rays, your skin cells go into defense mode. When you head back inside, your skin switches into repair mode—and you want to do everything possible to support that process. That’s where antioxidants can save the day.

Before and after sun exposure, apply antioxidants to your skin. Try choosing skincare ingredients with antioxidant effects, like panthenol (vitamin B5) and squalane, to help protect your skin from cellular damage caused by free radicals.

Elevate Your Skincare Routine

Contrary to popular belief, spending more time outside doesn’t have to wreak havoc on your skin. At KNESKO, we create products to revive, restore, and rehydrate your skin throughout the year.

Use our collagen facial mask and collagen under-eye mask as often as needed for a vibrant and nourished complexion. Indulge in a transformative self-care experience to give your mind, body, and soul the TLC they deserve.

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