We celebrate precious gemstones and minerals for their beauty, healing powers, and ability to optimize our groundbreaking skincare formulations.


KNESKO products are developed by a collaborative team of board-certified dermatologists and cosmetic chemists led by founder and esthetician Lejla Cas. Our clean formulations use targeted active ingredients in effective quantities to address top skin concerns.


KNESKO’s Gemclinical® Technology works by infusing genuine gemstones and minerals into luxurious collagen masks, silky serums, and body care products. They improve formula efficacy by stabilizing active ingredients and improving their delivery to the skin. The result is a visible difference in the quality of your skin, including improved hydration, a radiant and youthful appearance, and a gorgeous, even-toned complexion. 

At the same time, these gemstones help activate the body's chakras, or energy centers. Every gemstone is intentionally selected for its ability to perform as a skincare ingredient and its power to balance soul, mind, and spirit. 

“Our luxury skincare line is packed with nature's powerful ingredients to REVITALIZE, BRIGHTEN, AND HYDRATE YOUR SKIN WHILE NOURISHING YOUR MIND AND SPIRIT.


Founder of



Our premium masks are made with a luxurious collagen hydrogel instead of cotton, cellulose, paper, mesh, or synthetic materials.

10x More

A unique triple helix structure stores up to 10x more nutrients and active ingredients compared to traditional masks.

Soothing &

Collagen hydrogel is considered a "second skin" in the medical field and is championed for its wound healing properties.

Improved Ingredient

Collagen hydrogel is thicker than other sheet mask materials and provides an occlusive barrier that helps drive ingredient delivery to the skin.

Gemstone Healing

Along with seeing real results in the way your skin looks and feels, our GemClinical® technology offers a high-vibrational experience. Every gemstone is thoughtfully selected for its spiritual potency and ability to balance and stimulate your body’s energy centers.

Gold Repair


Gold aligns your sixth chakra, or third eye chakra, to balance intuition. This gold-infused, age-defying collection also visibly smooths fine lines and wrinkles while imparting firmer-feeling skin.

Diamond Radiance


Diamonds open pathways to enlightened wisdom by aligning your seventh chakra, also known as the crown chakra. Shimmering diamonds also help blur the look of imperfections and boost radiance.

Rose Quartz Antioxidant


Beautiful pink quartz aligns your fourth chakra, or heart chakra, making it easier to give and receive love. This collection also helps protect against environmental stressors to help visibly reverse signs of damage.

Black Pearl Detox


Black Pearls can help align your first chakra, or root chakra, to help you feel more grounded. In this collection, black pearl is supported by exfoliating and clarifying ingredients to minimize the look of pores and promote a clearer-looking complexion.

Amethyst Hydrate


Amethyst collection also helps align your seventh chakra, or crown chakra, to restore feelings of being protected and supported. This collection features formulations that also help hydrate for smooth, plump, and healthy appearance.

Green Jade Calm


The mantra "I am grateful" aligns with the loving energy of heart chakra which is activated by green jade. This calming collection also tackles signs of skin distress, such as redness, dullness, and irritation.