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Your Ultimate Guide to Gifting Facial Rollers

Your Ultimate Guide to Gifting Facial Rollers

Looking for a uniquely beautiful and luxuriously indulgent skincare gift this holiday season?  Check this off your list and gift a luxury precious gemstone roller.  Skincare addicts and beauty seekers alike will fall in love with these eye-appealing and effective skincare tools that deliver spa-level treatment results and beautifully complement any vanity.

Here’s why premium gemstone rollers make the perfect spoil-them skincare gift:

Benefits of skincare rollers

A gemstone skincare roller combines both modern and age-old skincare wisdom. They have been treasured for centuries in various Asian cultures for their unique ability to rejuvenate and repair tired, dull, or damaged skin because of their ability to promote lymphatic drainage and increase circulation.


The gemstones used in facial rollers are selected for their natural cooling properties and ability to ease tension and soothing irritated skin. The cooling sensation is particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with sensitive skin, rosacea, or acne. Storing rollers in the fridge or freezer adds an extra luxurious facial rolling experience.

Green Jade Gemstone Roller

Facial Tools

Green Jade Gemstone Roller

Tone • Define • Massage
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Increased circulation

Gemstone rollers are designed to massage the face firmly without pulling or tugging. This action encourages blood to flow to the surface, which can calm inflammation, remove dark undereye circles, lessen puffiness, and brighten skin tone.

Deep penetration of oils and serums

Gemstone rollers can also be used to improve the penetration of oils and serums into your skin to increase results. Instead of just placing oils and serums on the skin’s surface, the gemstone roller massages them deep into your pores, penetrating the lowest layers of skin with the beneficial ingredients. You can also use rollers on top of face masks to increase the effectiveness.

Lymphatic drainage

The body’s lymphatic system works to remove wastes and toxins from the skin. However, many factors can cause the system to slow down and, as a result, trap toxins in our pores, causing blemishes, uneven skin tone, swelling, and dullness. Regular skincare rolling releases blockages and promotes lymphatic drainage, dramatically improving skin’s appearance.

The power of the gemstone

A gemstone skincare roller tool on its own can help recreate many of the benefits listed above. However, many benefits are specific to the unique healing qualities found in each particular gemstone. Understanding various stones’ properties and energetic aura can help you select the perfect match for your friend, co-worker, family member, or even yourself.

Here are our favorites and a guide to the gemstones we’ve hand-selected for our premium, spa-grade roller collection so you can choose the perfect gift:

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Facial Tools

Rose Quartz Gua Sha

Depuff • Sculpt • Contour
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Rose quartz gemstone roller

The universal stone of love, a Rose Quartz Roller is the perfect gift to remind someone they are loved. This stone holds powerful energies that can open the heart chakra and induce an optimistic mindset. It also contains many healing qualities that can calm and soothe sensitive skin and decrease tension lines and marks of stress.

Black obsidian gemstone roller

The beautiful Black Obsidian Roller is known for its ability to detoxify and balance both the skin and the spirit. Black Obsidian holds many powerful metaphysical properties as well, protecting the spirit against negative energy and safeguarding against feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, and uncertainty. Daily use of the Black Obsidian Roller will leave you feeling more grounded in your root chakra – our energy center that connects us with the earth – while removing impurities from pores and balancing skin tone.

White jade gemstone roller

A symbol of peace and harmony, white jade is a mind-opening stone that balances the crown chakra, our portal to creativity and imagination. It is also admired for its ability to smooth fine lines, refresh tired skin cells, and contour the face. Daily use of the stone will tighten and define the skin while stimulating creativity and connecting your spirit to its most natural, harmonized state of being.

Green jade gemstone roller

Give your loved one luck and prosperity with the traditional Green Jade Face Roller. Green Jade is known for its ability to manifest the heart’s true desires, including love, wealth, and wisdom. It is also a powerful tool to unlock the Third Eye Chakra to bring clarity to our thoughts and sharpen intuition. Daily use of the Green Jade Face Roller will also help tone and define the complexion, creating a more youthful, invigorated appearance.

Pairing the Knesko gemstone rollers with our gem-infused masks

To make your gemstone gift even more unique, pair our specially matched gemstone rollers with a corresponding gem-infused mask for a transcendent at-home spa experience.  Our rollers are dual-ended, with a larger roller for wider areas of your face and skin including the forehead, cheekbones, neck and decollete, and a smaller end for eye areas. The recipients of your gemstone skincare gifts will feel showered in healing energies that will replenish and rejuvenate both their skin and spirits.

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