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How Face Serums Work

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Face serums work by quickly absorbing into the skin, delivering an intense dose of active ingredients to hydrate, revive, and nourish the skin. Unlike moisturizers, toners, and the other products in your skincare routine, face serums are free of many of the additives, fillers, and inactive ingredients that we simply don’t need. As a result, they’re formulated with only the most essential, rejuvenating ingredients to help you achieve flawless skin.

Face serums can be a powerhouse in your skincare ritual. But before you start layering on different serums, here’s what you need to know to upgrade your skincare routine.

What Are Face Serums Made Of?

Serums have a high concentration of active ingredients and leave out heavier ingredients. For example, serums don’t include the thick, creamy, occlusive ingredients found in moisturizers. These include mineral oil and plant oils, which prevent water from evaporating. 

Instead, face serums contain potent doses of anti-aging and skin-hydrating ingredients, such as antioxidants, peptides, AHAs, and retinol. But, at the same time, they’re incredibly lightweight, allowing for easy absorption into the deeper layers of our skin.

Why Should You Use Face Serum?

Face serum can transform your skincare routine. Different formulations will have different benefits based on their ingredients. Regardless of which type you choose, your skin will easily absorb the serum without any oiliness or residue being left behind. Not only does this deliver active ingredients, but it also nourishes, soothes, and protects your skin.

When applied properly, a small bottle of serum can last months. Most serums come in pump bottles or with medicine-dropper applicators, making it easy to dispense just a few drops for your morning and nighttime skincare ritual.

To amplify the benefits of your face serum, be sure to follow up with your favorite moisturizer. The heavier, thicker ingredients in moisturizers are ideal for locking in moisture—and helping to retain some of the healing benefits provided by the serum.

How Do You Choose the Right Serum?

Not all face serums are created equal. Ultimately, choosing the best one will depend on your specific skincare concerns, the active ingredients, and the formulation. 

The best practice is to identify your skin’s needs, determine which ingredients will work for you, and check serum labels. Here’s a quick guide on ingredients to help you get started.

  • If you have dry, flaky, dehydrated skin: Use serums with vitamin E, niacinamide, or hyaluronic acids to rehydrate your skin.
  • If you’re dealing with inflammation or discoloration: Use serums with antioxidant-rich ingredients, arbutin, or glycolic acid to revive your skin.
  • If you’re trying to prevent aging: Use serums with vitamin C, peptides, or alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to revitalize your skin and renew your complexion.

Instantly Upgrade Your Skincare Ritual

When you’re ready to take your skincare routine to the next level, we’re here to help. At KNESKO, our gemstone-infused serum face masks rebalance, rejuvenate, and revive your skin with a powerful dose of active ingredients.

Treat yourself to a luxurious skincare experience with our transformative products to support your skin and recharge your spirit. 

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