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Do Collagen Face Masks Really Work?

Do Collagen Face Masks Really Work?

Yes, collagen face masks really work. When it comes to boosting collagen levels in your skin (the protein responsible for skin elasticity), incorporating collagen face masks into your regular skin care routine can help your skin to appear more youthful and healthier looking.

Because face masks are applied directly to the areas that experience the most collagen loss—face, eyes, neck, and décolleté—the protein can seep directly into the pores where it is needed the most. For best results, it is important that you make collagen face masks a staple in your skin care ritual. Regularly nourishing your skin with collagen-enriched face masks will help you maintain collagen levels as your body naturally decreases its production of this important protein over time.

Before purchasing just any collagen face mask though, you should check where the collagen is derived from. There are various sources of collagen, and not all of them provide the same results. Marine collagen is considered among the best ways to firm, tone, and tighten your skin. This fish-sourced collagen is highly absorbable and contains 8 out of 9 amino acids, providing additional brightening, firming, and hydrating benefits. Plus, using marine collagen will make your conscience feel good, as it is considered one of the most environmentally sustainable ways to source this age-defying protein.

At KNESKO, we use marine collagen as the base product for all our collagen facial masks. Our team of skin care specialists has expertly infused marine collagen with other all-natural ingredients including precious gemstones and minerals to create a unique GEMCLINCAL® formula that works on the skin through the energy centers of the body. You choose which collagen mask to use based on not only the specific criteria of your skin, but also in consideration of your various spiritual needs. Mix and match your masking ritual to compliment what your skin needs most on any given day. Regardless of which line you choose- whether it’s Black Pearl to detox the pores or Rose Quartz to open your heart chakra or Nanogold Repair to attract wealth as you firm and lift the skin- you give your skin a super dose of collagen that acts as the catalyst for all the healing energy packed into every one of our products.

Shop KNESKO’s collection of face, eye, and neck and décolleté masks; each bursting with the restorative power of marine collagen.

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