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How Often Should You Use a Collagen Eye Patch?

How Often Should You Use a Collagen Eye Patch?

To reap the full benefits of collagen eye patches, you should apply them one to three times a week. Many people also use them before special occasions or when they want to enjoy an at-home spa day. Collagen eye patches are ultra-soothing eye masks that help rejuvenate, refresh, and rehydrate your skin. Here’s how to incorporate them into your weekly skincare ritual.

What Are Collagen Eye Patches?

Collagen under-eye patches are mini masks designed to refresh the delicate skin below your eyes. While most under-eye patches are made of hydrogel, some are made from cloth, bio-cellulose, and other products. Like face masks, eye patches are soaked in serum and contain concentrated amounts of vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients.

Top Benefits of Collagen Eye Patches

Even if you’re already nourishing your skin with face masks, eye patches can make a significant difference. Collagen eye patches help to reduce puffiness and darkness under the eyes. In other words, they help you look well-rested as well as brighten under-eye circles.

Collagen eye patches are soothing and hydrating, providing a luxurious spa treatment from the comfort of your home. Not only do they feel amazing, but they actively rejuvenate the delicate skin under your eyes to help reduce signs of aging. Essentially, collagen masks are like superfoods for your skin, and using them as often as needed can help revive your skin for a beautiful, youthful glow.

How to Use Collagen Eye Patches

To replenish your skin with under-eye patches, start by cleansing your face to remove any dirt or makeup. After you’ve patted your skin dry and applied your favorite toner, place each collagen eye mask under your eyes.

Let your eye patches sit for 30 minutes to maximize your skincare benefit. Then, remove them and gently massage the remaining serum into the under-eye area. Finally, you can finish your skincare routine with other facial serums and a hydrating moisturizer.

You can use them every day during your morning routine—whether you’re meditating, drinking coffee, or getting kids ready for the day--to look more energized. Or, you can use eye patches as often as needed for a quick refresher. But, no matter how often you use them, eye masks are one of the best ways to treat yourself to self-care and improve your skin with an instant mini facelift.

Nourish Your Skin From Within

When you’re ready to revamp your skincare ritual, we’re here to help. At KNESKO, our collagen eye masks support the delicate under-eye skin with a luxurious, spa-level experience. Whether you’re looking for a daily pick-me-up or weekly refresh, apply our eye masks as often as needed for whole-body rejuvenation.


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