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What Are Ceramides and Why Should You Care?

What Are Ceramides and Why Should You Care?

Your skin is your largest organ, and it has a big job to do. Unfortunately, environmental pollutants, ultraviolet rays, smoke, and temperature fluctuations can take a heavy toll on your skin. 

That’s why equipping your skin with supportive skincare products is essential for your health, as well as for your appearance. And this starts with choosing the right ingredients. 

Ceramides can improve your skin’s health and enhance its beauty—making this ingredient one to include in your skincare routine. This guide will share everything you need to know about caring for your skin with ceramides. 

What exactly are ceramides?

Ceramides are lipids or fatty acids naturally found in your skin cells. In fact, they comprise about 30% to 40% of the epidermis—the outer layer of your skin. Ceramides also assist with the healthy development of the brain and nervous system, but they are best known for their role in skin health.

Ceramides are a critically important component of your skin barrier. They fill in the gaps, so to speak, between your skin cells. In doing so, they help to provide a tight seal, which maintains the integrity of the skin barrier. 

In short, ceramides are essential for supporting the health of your skin and allowing it to function properly. 

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What are the benefits of using skin care products with ceramides?

Although ceramides are naturally present, they can decline over time—typically as a result of the aging process. Using harsh soaps and overusing exfoliants can also lead to a loss of ceramides. 

This is where products with synthetically-derived ceramides can come to the rescue. If you’re thinking about switching up your skincare products, look for those that contain a healthy dose of ceramides. Your skin will thank you for the following:

  • A more robust skin barrier – Your skin is the first line of defense for your body against foreign invaders, such as germs, toxins, and environmental pollutants. If your skin barrier begins to break down, your body will have a harder time keeping you healthy. Because they work like “glue” to keep the skin barrier strong, ceramides can support a more resilient skin barrier—and better whole-body health as a result. 
  • Well-hydrated skin – Ceramides help to retain moisture within the skin, preventing roughness and skin cracks.
  • Less visible signs of aging – When your skin is well-moisturized and has a healthy skin barrier, it looks younger and more rejuvenated.
  • Improved inflammatory skin conditions – Introducing ceramides to your skincare routine may make you less likely to develop skin inflammation and infections. They can also help to reduce symptoms of inflammatory skin problems, including eczema, acne, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Are ceramides safe for all skin types?

Yes, they are well-tolerated by people of all skin types. Ceramides have proven to be a useful skincare ingredient for those with sensitive and oily skin, as well as those who are acne prone. You can even use a product with ceramides around the eyes, as long as it doesn’t contain other ingredients that would irritate the eye area.

Renew your skin with luxurious ceramides

The most luxurious way to pamper your skin with ceramides is with skincare products by KNESKO—a brand beloved by celebrity A-listers. Our Amethyst Hydrate Collection includes the new Amethyst Hydrate Serum. 

Backed by science and driven by holistic principles, our hydrating serum is infused not only with potent ceramides but also with four super-moisturizing hyaluronic acids. Our hydrating serum with ceramides also includes our proprietary GEMCLINICAL® Technology to optimize your skin’s renewal. Replenish your skin barrier with ceramides today and get free shipping on all orders of $70+ within the U.S.

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