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4 Refreshing New Ways to Practice Self-Care This Season

4 Refreshing New Ways to Practice Self-Care This Season

Self-care is crucial in every season, but as we transition toward winter, it’s essential to take the time to rejuvenate the skin and refresh the spirit. It’s a season of reflection—another year is ending, and as we look ahead to the next one, it’s time to consider how to better nurture our minds and bodies. Just in time for winter, KNESKO newly-launched Amethyst Collection can do exactly that.

1. Amethyst Hydrate Face Mask

After summer fades away, you’ll notice that your skin might feel parched—perhaps beginning to flake. The Amethyst Hydrate Collection is the perfectly balanced solution you need to rejuvenate your skin and balance your crown chakra. Our Amethyst Hydrate Face Mask is thoughtfully formulated with our proprietary Hydrating Complex: clean ingredients that hydrate, nourish, and restore, while de-puffing and de-stressing skin. We recommend wearing a face mask while listening to a guided meditation, or enjoying a gentle breeze outdoors. Choose from a four-pack or single treatment.

2. Amethyst Hydrate Eye Mask

As the mercury drops and your skin is exposed to more dry, cold air, the under-eye area is also in need of some extra care and attention. The skin around your eyes is fragile and thinner, and requires intensive moisturizing. The Amethyst Hydrate Eye Mask is the solution to dry, puffy under-eye skin and dark circles. As the skin is soothed with natural, clean hydration, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles will begin to disappear. Try a single treatment or stock up (and save) with a six-pack.

3. Amethyst Hydrate Lip Mask

If you find yourself applying lip balm more frequently during the colder months of the year, it’s because the sensitive skin on your lips is more prone to drying out. For dry, cracked lips—or those in need of a healthy boost—our Amethyst Hydrate Lip Mask gently hydrates and renews the sensitive skin on the lips, making them more resilient against the dry, cold winter air. After applying our lip mask, you will notice that they appear fuller and plumper. Trade in your lip balm for a single treatment, or have luscious lips all winter long with a six-pack.

4. Amethyst Hydrate Discovery Kit

Every mask in ourur Amethyst Hydrate Collection is infused with our proprietary GEMCLINICAL® technology, which allows the skin to benefit from the nourishing properties of gemstones. If you aren’t sure which self-care products are best for your skin, try all of them with our Amethyst Hydrate Discovery Kit! It includes an Amethyst Hydrate Face Mask, Lip Mask, and Eye Mask, as well as our unique Amethyst Gemstone Roller. With our ethically-sourced gemstone roller, you’ll have an additional tool to support your skin and spirit. It will encourage healthy circulation and further your connection with your crown chakra. 

Choose an enlightened pathway toward beauty with KNESKO

The new Amethyst Collection and our other chakra-balancing skincare products are available from KNESKO. Our line of self-love beauty products is adored by countless A-list celebrities and featured at some of the most prestigious spas around the world. 

Embrace a holistic, natural way to practice self-care this season, or surprise a loved one with these beauty tools. With every product sold, we are committed to planting one tree to help nourish and restore our planet. Free shipping is available on all orders of $65+ in the U.S.

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