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Do Jade Rollers Work?

Do Jade Rollers Work?

Jade face rollers are believed to offer many benefits for both your skin and your spirit. By simply incorporating this tool into your regular skincare ritual you can experience more vibrant looking skin while feeling an overall sense of peace, harmony and grounding. But are these pretty stones as magical as they appear? At KNESKO, we believe in the age-old wisdom behind this beauty tool and the incredible effects it can have on your skin.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular reasons beauty lovers are choosing to incorporate jade rollers into their skin care routines.

Deeper penetration of oil and serums. Using a jade roller helps to deliver applied oils and serums deep within your pores. providing increased nourishing benefits to the deepest layers of your skin.

Increased circulation. Massaging your face daily with your face roller helps to stimulate greater blood flow toward the surface of your skin, which in turn reduces puffiness, increases the brightness of your skin tone and diminishes the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.

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Facial lymphatic drainage. Your lymphatic system is responsible for removing waste and toxins (when it is able to drain properly). Certain illnesses and other factors can sometimes cause this system to slow down or get stuck, creating a build-up of fluids that can cause a variety of skin issues, such as inflammation, dark circles, uneven complexion, and blemishes. The jade roller massages your skin, encouraging greater circulation and safely removing the toxins that show up as fatigued, dull, and puffy looking skin.

The relaxing cooling properties. Jade stones are naturally cool against the skin, but they can also be stored in the refrigerator to provide an extra-cooling, incredibly calming experience. Not only does it make your beauty routine feel luxurious and joyful, but it can relax your body, helping to reduce stress-related symptoms.

To recharge the spirit. Jade stones are long recognized around the world for their positive healing qualities. They are believed to provide positive energies—such as good luck, feelings of peace and serenity, and emotional healing. They are also thought to offer protective qualities that defend against ill intentions from others, while encouraging other feelings of confidence, security, grounding, and self-control. At KNESKO, each of our gemstone rollers are Reiki-charged, enhancing the energy contained with within the stone itself.

KNESKO offers both a white jade face roller and a green jade face roller to pair with our own GEMCLINICAL® face masks and any of your favorite skin care products. For other unique healing properties, chose from a rose quartz face roller or an obsidian face roller also available from our collection. Collect them all and use each as needed depending on your spiritual needs.

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