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How to Clean a Jade Roller?

How to Clean a Jade Roller?

Jade rollers are one of the easiest ways to elevate your entire skincare routine. These luxurious, delicate, hand-crafted beauty tools have been a staple in beauty rituals for centuries. They’ve also made a recent resurgence across social media like Instagram, in turn increasing their popularity.

When paired with the proper skincare products, the right jade face roller delivers you years of healthier, more youthful skin. Though it may be an often overlooked step, cleaning your jade roller properly will help it maintain its structure and energy. Cleaning it regularly also increases the effectiveness of this small-but-mighty product by removing excess oils, dirt and dust, and product buildup from serum and masks. Learn how to clean a jade roller in a few simple steps to keep your KNESKO face roller looking and working like new.

Cleaning Your Jade Roller

To properly clean your jade roller, it’s best to gently wash it after each use to remove any excess oils or serums that build upon the stone over time. Even if you simply wipe down your roller with a soft, damp cloth or towel every night, be sure to still give it a deeper clean about once a week.

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When washing the roller, use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. You can also soak the roller in a bowl of warm water and soap for a few minutes to give it an extra deep clean and help wash away and stubborn product buildup or dirt. Just be sure to not use water over 176 degrees Fahrenheit or 80 degrees Celsius. Hotter water will strip the jade gemstone of its protective layers or ruin the rose gold handle. Be sure to also never use chemical cleaners or alcohol on the roller either, which can also cause damage to the facial roller.

After you’ve washed the roller using warm water, gently pat it dry and lay it flat on a clean, dry towel to prevent rusting.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to use the gentlest soap you have on hand when cleaning your jade stone roller—a safe best is to use the same cleanser you use to wash your face.

Storing Your Clean Jade Roller

It’s very important to properly store your face roller to help prolong its life and maintain the longevity of the delicate gemstone. KNESKO’s jade face roller comes in a special storage bag to help protect it and prevent damage from falls or bumps. Once you’ve cleaned and dried your facial roller, we recommend storing it in the bag or wrapped in a soft, dry cloth. It’s best to store it somewhere it won’t easily fall and a spot that is free of excess moisture and heat. Instead of stashing it in the medicine cabinet or bathroom shelf, try storing it on a vanity or dresser instead to protect the stone.

You can also consider storying the jade roller for your face in the refrigerator for a cooling, spa-like experience with every use. The cooled facial roller not only feels luxurious but also helps with tightening and depuffing of the skin. Just be sure to never store the roller in the freezer—the colder temperatures can cause the delicate stone to crack more easily.

Recharging Your Jade Gemstone Roller

The same way you take special care of your skin, you’ll also want to be sure you properly care for your skincare tools. Now that you know how to clean a jade roller, we want to be sure you understand how to keep it charged with vibrant energy that will heal your skin.

The healing Reiki energy that comes with gemstone facial rollers is a unique benefit. Each KNESKO facial roller—including the jade face roller—is charged with healing energy to bring out the stone’s inherent healing properties. Over time, however, the energy of your stone can begin to fade. To renew that positive energy, we recommend recharging your stone during each full moon with a personal intention. Whatever personal intention you choose, it should be meaningful to you—for example, “May I be guided by my highest self,” or “May I trust my journey.”

You can also cleanse and recharge your roller by smudging it with sage or Palo Santo between full moons, or putting it near a master crystal like an amethyst, rose quartz, or moonstone.

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