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How To Use a Jade Face Roller

How To Use a Jade Face Roller

Jade face rollers are a centuries-old beauty tool that was used ritually by the Chinese to promote healthier, more vibrant skin while tapping into the healing and protective energies of the powerful jade stone. KNESKO has infused this age-old wisdom with our doctor-formulated Gemclinical technology to create an experience that relaxes the mind, rebalances the spirit and rejuvenates the skin. Still, if you are new to face rolling, you may be wondering why, when and how to use KNESKO’s gemstone face rollers.

We’ll cover the basics, including how to use your roller, so you can start getting the most of your skin (and soul) care.

Why you should use a jade roller
There is a reason jade rollers have been used for such a long time. Facial rollers allow you to deeply massage your skin, increasing circulation and promoting lymphatic drainage. This helps to remove wastes and toxins from your skin, reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eye, tighten and reduce pore size and reduce swelling and inflammation. Rollers can also be refrigerated to provide an extra cooling effect that can help to minimize headaches and sooth sinus congestion.

When to use a jade face roller
KNESKO’s reiki-charged gemstone rollers are the perfect way to wake up your face for the day and prepare it for rest at night. When you apply your facial serum or oil, you can use the roller to press the oil into your skin, helping it to penetrate deeper into your pores and provide greater nourishment. You should also use it over your KNESKO face masks, giving you a luxurious spa-experience from the comfort and security of your home. After removing your mask, you will use the roller again to remove any remaining serum and set in the healing powers of your face mask.

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How to use a jade face roller
Using a jade roller is quite simple once you get started. The most important part is ensuring you roll the jade stone in the right direction to help promote healthy circulation. At KNESKO, we recommend using your jade roller routinely, which will offer optimal benefits and help to make this process become more instinctive.

Forehead: To start, place the large end of the roller at the center of your forehead near your hairline and roll it down towards the ear and to the temple. You will repeat this on each side 4-7 times paying extra close attention to fine lines and eyebrow furrow.

Eyes: Next, flip your roller to the smaller end and roll it from the inner corner of the eye area toward the ear on both the lids and undereye area to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Nose, lips and chin: Using the larger of the jade stones and repeating on each side, work the roller from the center of the nose toward your ear and continue with the upper and lower lip and the chin until you reach your jaw line, where you will you make your way to the ear lobe.

Jawline, Neck and Décolleté: Starting at the chin and rolling toward the cheekbones, you’ll then sweep the roller under the chin towards the ears, and finally down the neck and décolleté toward the collar bones.

Whether you’re using a white jade roller or another one of KNESKO’s jade face rollers, these tools will help you feel more radiate, rejuvenated, youthful and flawless.

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