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Do Eye Masks Really Work?

Do Eye Masks Really Work?

The delicate skin around your eyes frames the so-called windows to your soul. If the skin appears puffy or dry or is lined with dark circles, it raises some concern about what is happening behind those eyes. You may feel tired or maybe you are dehydrated. Whatever it is, you want a simple solution.  Eye masks provide quick rejuvenation for both the body and the soul.

Choosing a quality eye mask

Much like a full-face mask, eye masks are enriched with ingredients made to firm, hydrate, and refresh the skin, but target the sensitive undereye. Hydrogel pads adhere to the eye contour area, delivering nourishment and replenishing ingredients such as skin-firming collagen and Vitamin E. However, not all eye masks are created equal.

When looking for a quality eye mask, consider the formula and the application process. Hydrogel technology is preferable to more cheaply made sheet masks as they lock in the serum and encourage penetration deep within the skin. As the demand for eye masks has grown, the supply chain has become flooded with versions made using synthetic ingredients that don’t live up to their claimed benefits.

The best products on the market are marine collagen-based eye masks made with only natural ingredients. For specific concerns such as protection against free radicals, brightening, or calming redness, look for ingredients that address those concerns. Activated charcoal, hyaluronic acid, essential oils, and botanicals are just some things to look for among the list of ingredients. Some of the most luxurious eye masks on the market contain colloidal gold, diamond powder, and other precious gemstones for their time-tested skin healing properties.

How to use an eye mask

Before applying any mask, clean your skin with a gentle cleanser to remove any make-up, dirt, or bacteria sitting on the surface layer. You can also prep your skin to make it more receptive to the mask’s nutrients by placing a warm, damp cloth over your face for a few minutes. The heat will help to open your pores, allowing the ingredients to penetrate more deeply, while the moisture from the cloth will help to quench thirsty skin. A quick steam is another great way to achieve the same effect. Tip—add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your facial steam for a more relaxing, luxurious, and intentional experience.

Once your skin is clean, peel the eye mask from its packaging and place it onto the skin below your eyes. You may also use a face roller or your fingertips to gently press the outside of the mask. This action will stimulate blood flow, promote serum absorption, and encourage lymphatic drainage. Leave the eye mask on for the recommended amount of time, relax, and let the magic happen.

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